I am about to leave the Telegraph blogesphere as well as the daily paper for good because of the awful way they are run.

The last straw is the removal of many of my blog posts here which, as a journalist, I know to be perfectly acceptable in the pages of any normal newspaper; not libelous or ad hominem etc. Just robust, mainly political, views.

Many of the posts remained happily in place for ages. Then disappeared.

I understand, but can only guess really, because the Telegraph is too rude and ignorant to bother to tell me why these posts are are removed, that they are removed because some reader complains.

That is quite extraordinary – that any reader can remove any post because they personally disagree with it. Has the Telegraph completely lost its marbles.

Or is this just another example of big business outsourcing work (the moderating of Telegraph blogs) to some back street Mickey Mouse outfit somewhere deep in the slums of an Asian city – where the workers only appear to speak English, but actually have virtually no ability whatever to understand the language at all. Thus making a complete pigs ear of nonsense out of everything they deal with.

For some time now I have found the Telegraph becoming more and more unreadable as it turns into a silly comic, a parody of what it used to be.

Frankly, I am now beginning to find it an utter waste of time.


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