World at War – Gormless Gordon Brown’s Third Reich

Watching the episode of the ‘World at War’ tonight in which Hitler gradually expands his idea of hatred of Jews step by logical step into murdering them in the most obscene manner merely as a bureaucratic solution to ridding the German State of their presence forcibly brought home to me how all Governments use their powers to inflict greater or lesser degrees of evil on all of us at any time throughout history. None more so than our Labour Government.

Once people have the legal power vested in them to interfere and control and dictate the lives of others and employ armies of petty officials ‘just doing their job’ to inflict their personal ideas on the daily minutiae of how others should do as they are instructed by the awesome power of the State, freedom, individuality, decency, common sense and everything that is good about life rapidly disappears.

World War Two was one such incomprehensible obscenity caused by the evils of political bureaucracy gone mad. There are many others in more modern times. The lunacy of George Bush and Tony Blair both deciding to successfully convince their Governments to invade Iraq and Afghanistan to wantonly kill and destroy and have the young soldiers so ordered to kill be, themselves, killed in return are one example and offensive in the extreme.

Muslim States today drive a hatred of non Muslims and call for the the violent extermination of non Muslims by killing people who don’t wish to be Muslims – which is precisely the same as Hitler’s ranting about Jews. It is clear that many Muslim extremists would be very quick to obliterate New York or London with a nuclear bomb if they were able to. It is only a matter of time before they are in possession of nuclear bombs and then it is certain they will use them in that murderous way.

And nobody ever seems to even try to do anything at all to prevent this mechanism of misusing political power to inflict evil from continuing to being hijacked and grasped by the undesirable inadequates who become politicians; people with a deep seated wish to remove freedom from others and dictate how others should live their daily lives.

But it isn’t just about the more dramatic things like wars. There is the bureaucratic grind of killing freedom and poisoning daily life bit by bit with the slow death of a thousand small cuts; ‘laws’ which are no more than the demented ideas of small minded busybody, interfering dimwit bureaucrats who delight in telling other people what to do.

Tony Blair and accomplice Gormless Gordon Brown have systematically wrecked the United Kingdom, imposing thousands of ‘regulations’ and ‘targets’ for everything and all sorts of new rules and regulations to destroy everybody’s freedom. So vast is their interference in everyone’s lives that hardly anything at all still functions properly in the UK.

It is their nasty minded attempts to control every part of our lives that forcibly reminds me they are barely different from the demented behaviour of the Third Reich. The similarities in behaviour are positively startling.

A direct result of the corrupt Labour Government is the news today about the complete incompetence of the corrupt Staffordshire hospital which is reported to have caused the deaths of hundreds of people as it pursued Labour Government ‘Targets’ instead of getting on with the job of providing competent NHS healthcare. Instead, they concentrated on saving money, rather than providing adequate medical attention to sick people.

Another item of Labour insanity under Dictator Brown is the latest idea to inflict a sort of permanent house arrest on any person not paying things like parking fines by denying them their basic human right to ordinary freedoms by preventing them leaving the country for any reason; you know, seeing relatives living overseas, holidays, any ordinary sort of thing like that.

Then there is the hilariously idiotic idea of controlling people’s silly and bad behaviour of drinking too much alcohol by manipulating the prices of cheaper alcohol to achieve a minimum price per unit to make it more expensive for poorer people to drink it, thereby keeping them a bit more sober.

So it’s alright then to get regularly drunk if you’re rich enough not to be bothered by minimum prices for cheap and nasty alcohol which only the plebs drink anyway.

You couldn’t make it up really, could you ? It is social engineering straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 novel of totalitarian government terrorism. State sponsored bullying is another way of putting it.

I wonder if anyone else has managed to work out that the more you get morons like the Labour Government trying to control people in such ludicrous ways, the more society disintegrates into complete chaos, criminality and immorality around us.

You only have to look at this same culture of power crazed, narcissistic greed and stupidity nurtured by the banks under the close tutelage of this labour Government which connived with the banks as they comprehensively set about fleecing us all to realise how dangerous and destructive the Labour government has been.

It is this ethos of corruption and theft that has allowed the banks to wreck the entire World Economy.

If you stop to think for just a moment, you will realise that we have all become so used to the banks being blatant thieves, that we have accepted their activities as normal. Obviously this acceptance must be wrong as their behaviour was so grotesque it has plunged the whole World into spiralling, out of control poverty, which no one knows how to stop.


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  1. Kate Says:

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