Lord Laming is being too polite and diplomatic about Social Services being inadequate and requiring immediate improvements in his report on Social Services published on March 12th..

But then public decency prevents him from using the sort of language that naturally comes to mind on discovering the true awfulness of the state of the UK-wide Social Services empire of ignorant, lazy, incompetent control freaks.

Utter fools – who routinely allow children to die while sanctimoniously smashing families to pieces by wrongly ripping children away from parents with completely false and even meaningless accusations; having them adopted or putting them in foster care where they are often totally abused and hugely damaged for the rest of their lives.

For example, I can unequivocally report some of my own experiences of Social Services in action. There was Haringey, north London, social worker Conrad Barzey who deliberately and maliciously lied in a report of his to the Family Court.

I personally saw how he told a fragile, mentally ill woman only a week at home after being in an acute psychiatric hospital ward to employ a lawyer ‘to fight for custody of her son; otherwise she may never see him again’.

This, despite the fact she was happily living with and being heroically looked after by her partner and father of her son, and the couple were demonstrably a couple, living together in a good relationship, with no plans to break up or live apart. And the mother had already expressly told a court she wanted the father to have sole legal custody as a safeguard against her erratic mental illness.

Social Services had not been given any brief by anyone to interfere in the life of the family, which had simply gone to court to obtain an order that sole custody of the three children be given to the father – with the complete agreement of the Mother – so the children would be safe from any erratic behaviour caused by the Mother’s severe mental illness.

Of course, it was no surprise the woman rapidly degenerated into a major mental breakdown, illegally abducting her son against the existing order of the family court, setting in chain a series of events that comprehensively wrecked for ever the lives of all three children, the Mother, Father and other extended family members.

Oh, and it cost the taxpayer an outrageous sum of money – hundreds of thousands of pounds- for no particular reason at all. Just pointless expenditure to ruin people’s lives and do precisely nothing useful at all.

But it was a great job creation scheme for loads of Government employees while it lasted, wasn’t it ?

Then there was Susan Dicks, Senior social worker in North Wales Social Services in Denbighshire. Again, I witnessed her pathological rudeness, appallingly malevolent and incompetent behaviour, and her social services employees behaving in the most breathtakingly nasty, spiteful, stupid, foolishly incompetent way imaginable.

They managed to somehow contrive to conjure up out of thin air a potpourri of evils, wholly constructed by them alone. The permanent damage they inflicted on three children and two parents – as well as collateral damage in the further reaches of the family – were spectacular. They were sheer, incompetent, stupid, idiotic, form filling bureaucratic idiots. totally unfit to do the job they were supposed to be doing.

They managed to destroy the whole family – forever; made the Mother’s mental illness worse, and inflicted untold miseries on the three children.

In another case, I witnessed Buckinghamshire Social Services employ the same devious tactics of conjuring up the completely imaginary scenario that two parents whose three children had been forcefully seized and adopted by Social Services, were planning to abduct and fly them out of the country, presenting it to court as fact and demanding both parents be sent to prison for plotting to abduct their own children.

When the court discovered there was no evidence whatever for this utterly malevolent false accusation, Buckinghamshire Social Services were forced to withdraw their lies.

When I spoke to senior Bucks social worker Margaret (whose surname escapes me at present, but I will find it shortly), responsible for removing the children in the first place under the most highly doubtful, dubious and flimsiest possible excuses, she recoiled like a rattlesnake and fixed me with a withering, poisonous look of sheer contempt for daring to even speak to her.

I thought her withered, venomous looking face exuded spite and hatred of everything around her and just one look at her made it clear to me she was a dangerous menace and one of the worst possible people to be working as a social worker in any capacity at all.


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  1. Casey Says:

    These social workers and social services are a verminous sh!t-stain on Humanity.

    They have broken up a 25 yr together couple on made-up claims just because of refusal to follow their totalitarian dictates.
    They lied about “weight loss” when the person involved has actually gained weight of the point where a dietitian has signed her off the books. And MUCH more (cutting the story short here)

    Society could do without these vile creatures – all they are interested in is the sound of their own voice and displaying their power.

    Make no mistake, they are NOT helping and NOT your friend… they are the ENEMY.

  2. scott Says:

    Well guys I won the first case, so they cannot stop me from seeing my mother. Amazing what a bit of knowledge and courage can do.

  3. claee Says:

    I have been on the end of these evil lieing disgusting excuse of a human called social workers. Enfield ss Amy Hanson Angela Prescott, Ann maxenzie then there’s lowestoft ss Karensa stride that have all lied and lied they even stood in front of a judge and lied. I am fighting back and not letting them get away with it no more. I urge u all that have problems with these disgusting individuals to also fight and complain about them. They are home wreckers and they also get paid extra for each child they take. That I have heard from a ex sw who gave up her job coz she couldn’t stand lieing like she was told to do. They are sick sick sick.

  4. Rose Says:

    Shame on social services!!
    They have forgotten why they were set up for … wasn’t it to help and support families ?
    Shame on them !
    I have experienced years of their psychological bullying towards me and my vulnerable autistic son .
    They are power freaks who prey on weak and vulnerable people , whom they should be providing support to , not making matters much , much worse !!!!!!

  5. Scott Says:

    Hi all until recently I was caring for my mum who is suffering from dementia. I was never told by either the GP or Adult Social Services and only found out 12 mths after diagnosis on a visit to see mum, it transpires that the onset was found 6yrs earlier on a brain scan following a nasty head injury but was not diagnosed at the time. By the time I found out it was pretty much too late to put LPA in place and ASS decided they would lie about me committing fraudulent money activity and froze mums money and bank account for almost 9mths leaving her with no money or care I supported her in these difficult times. She is now in a EMI unit under section 117 aftercare, ASS have informed me they will be applying to the COP for mums property and affairs and advised me to apply also. I have refused on the basis that if I had been told in 2008 following the brain scan (if diagnosed) never mind 2014 on diagnosis, informing the family is something that the GP and ASS are required to do by law, and in 2014 mum still had the capacity to put LPA in place. They turned up unannounced at the EMI unit to do a capacity test on mum, are they allowed to just do that without informing the family? The police were also aware of ASS and what they were up to they didn’t contact me either, if I was committing fraudulent money activity shouldn’t they have arrested me? This has consumed my life for the last two years and am seeking some help or to be steered in the right direction to a good lawyer, can someone help please?


  6. Nicola Says:

    I have never been treated so bad. My family and I have been ripped apart. As a result of social services in Suffolk. The lies false statements. It’s been 5 months with no contact from a social worker. Care around the child is crap. Training for social worker must be in bullshit collage. The damage that they have done to my son is so bad and the government don’t give a shit

  7. Anonymous Says:

    It appears to me social services are not acting lawfully. You should be able to stop this.

  8. Crowangel Says:

    As someone who is currently being in a similar situation I can fully agree that social services are a joke.. 4 years ago I was accused and then cleared after investigation by police of abuse to my daughter by an ex who had custody, now 4 years on she brought back the accusation yet again and since now I have moved on with my life after the mental torture she put me through, I have a wife and 2 more kids now one 2 years old the other 6 months old.. I was informed that I had to leave the house till the matter was investigated which despite having nowhere suitable to stay I did oblige and went to stay with my mum at her residential flat which was at her risk as wasn’t allowed overnight guests.. we anticipated this to only be short term which later became a month long ordeal of having to hide my presence so she wouldn’t be kicked out for providing shelter for her son in need.. we constantly tried to get help and info from both police and social to no avail each passing the decisions off on the other, neither department communicating with the other making promises to be in touch and never being so, giving a contact number to reach there worker only for IT ALWAYS to be switched off and then finally getting a interview with police in which I could hear the charges all of which filled with such rubbish that anyone who knew me would know we’re false from the allegation that after said harm was committed my daughter had gone and told my then fiancee now wife, that this had happened.. I had explained that my now wife had been through a incident like this with her grandad at fault so even with that aside she had more reason than anyone not to stay with me if she believed it to be true.. let alone one year later marry me and then in the years that followed had 2 more kids with me.. she knows me better than anyone and with her past she more than anyone would not stay with me if anything like that had happened.. this among many other inconsistent points were raised and disproven during the interview.. I’d asked following this interview if I could return home even if during days as it had been near a month and wife been struggling all this time alone with my son especially who is in terrible 2 mode and my daughter still not fully sleeping through making my wife exhausted.. police told me they would chase it up and get bk to me.. I heard nothing from anyone so rang next day to find the investigator had gone on holiday leaving me with nobody to get answers from.. more weeks passed until an officer informed me I shud have been allowed home to visit from day of interview but neither social or his interviewer had informed me.. it’s been over 6 weeks aprox now and been trying to get bk home fully for weeks, a new social worker was assigned outta the blue and we had to go through the whole information gathering yet again then weeks of her asking us to be patient while she contacted everyone about us, only to repeatedly tell me despite me suffering from depression now through this that I’d have to wait X amount of weeks and she would be in touch and never is its always me who has to hound them for info and it’s always answer phone I get most days.. I had to move from my mums or risk her getting evicted to which social did not even care.. we had to pay for myself to stay at local travel lodge so I could remain close by to help as much as can with kids but our income has consisted since my depression ending my working capacity of just the money we get for the kids so staying in travel lodge at 200 plus pound a week not counting weekend prices has got too much or risk taking their food or nappy money.. on telling social this I was met with no help support or even compassion at all.. simply being told sorry nothing we can do bout it investigation still ongoing.. even tho there has been no further investigation on my part.. after this coming weekend I will have nowhere to stay and they couldn’t give a dam. . They are heartless, clueless, incompetence ridden service who are completely useless and when informed at how much this is ripping my family apart and it’s effecting the kids, my wife is exhausted, I’m on verge of a breakdown, my mum has a weak heart and non of us can take yet another body blow from them especially if there gonna tell us yet again it’s gonna be another X amount of weeks before we hear anything.


    […]… […]

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I am sick and fed up of herring so many story of theses soc ail workers who have had much power for to long I speak as victem myself who was framed with false papers and my son at that time was special needs my son was victim of child abuse I have been fighting these services for years I have great concerns for family and children who every day are being destroyed by these people who are lies and get paid moneys for lieing i have evidences that i was framed and my child was abused it is my dream to get these services put to shame and out of bisness i have faith in god that i will make a big difference in this country and on behalf of so many victims iu thank god he is helping me and i believe the social services will soon get wants coming to them godless you

  11. Anonymous Says:

    What was the reason ss gave for taking the kids into care ?

  12. Clare Says:

    Rocketone,sounds like you just summed up the exact description of a typical social worker .ss bought abuse neglect & awareness of what really goes on in the ‘care system’ to me at 14yrs old . Social services are criminals of the scariest kind ‘untouchable, why how can the courts allow children’s lives to be ruined based on these nasty idiots opinions all based on assumption and very often pursue that they are right so as to cover up and get away with they’re own mistakes. Reading all of these posts has me shaking with anger and crying from the core of me but glad I have as I have found I’m not alone .we need action & I will not give up despite how frustrating & emotionally crippling .from Clare lowestoft where ss are full of persons the same as mr or ms Anonymous . Shame on u anonymous research,& acknowledge the crimes against children thrive within the system & believe you shall all be exposed & bought to justice .

  13. Clare Says:

    Lowestoft social services have taken my two wonderful children,after two years of complete harassment & control,my children are separated from each other and are expressing to me how they can’t cope much longer living away from me and the much happier healthier life and love they had always known,2yrs of having our lives intruded by the ignorant arrogance of dangerous self consumed power freaks that created problems such as living for two years under the threat of being taken into care using my profoundly deaf daughter struggling in a hearing school after being lied to constantly by the deaf education “professionals,??! I am devasted that my children are becoming very emotionally unstable angry young people. My daughter is 13 & my son 11 .where is justice logic & humanity & yes to a comment I read ‘I should of left the country when they had them on an interim care order .how can these power happy idiots get away with the life changing abuse on children & their mother, it’s criminal & soul destroying where the hell are the intelligent sound minded professionals these children & mothers need to protect them from the long term damage social services are inflicting on children ,maybe the Nspc should be investigating every case thoroughly .it seems to me and many others that the children that need protection from abuse the most get ignored .i know they avoid certain families with real abuse going. On as they get scared & or manipulated by the adults that are abusive and neglectful of their children . I need to fight and be strong ,& I hate myself for breaking down . What do we do how can we stop this .children should be safe well and happy .not abused by the very people that are supposed to protect / help families .

  14. Boz Says:


    Why have you never done anything about it ?

    Looking at your post & ignoring entirely for a moment the behaviour of Social Services I see a problem entirely generated by your wife’s reaction to your ‘affair’. This is then taken by social services who use it as you describe to exhibit their bad behaviour.

    What you say about the police & social services sounds too crazy for words. I know the police & social services are bad but this ?

    It looks so crazy that you must be making it up. How can either the police or social services remove you from your house without court orders. And how come your lawyer didn’t advise you to take action against the SS & the police ?

    However, I see in your story a similar if crazier version of my story. And so what you say must actually be true, incredible as it seems.

    The mother of my son became bi-polar when he was born. This morphed into a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. The paranoid bit of this means the sufferer has crazy delusions about things – particularly their unfortunate partners.

    The last delusion I had to deal with illustrates this quite neatly. My partner was not living with me as I had eventually given up on her but we were on good terms. She came to stay with me for two weeks to see her son (I had custody by then). After four days she said she had to return to her own home 200 miles away as there were ‘snipers everywhere trying to shoot her’. My son. aged nine, told me that the delusions started when he and his mum were walking back to my house from the local shops and she had seen a child with a toy gun. That triggered the delusions which grew into an ever bigger problem and it was the last time I or my son saw her. That was seven years ago.

    A previous delusion of hers was that I was trying to harm my one year old son who she was holding at the time. That delusion was sparked off by her being irrationally argumentative about some bit of trivia and my ‘argumentative’ (but quite normal) type response fed her delusion. Now I know better I know I should have just said ’yes dear, you’re quite right’ to everything she said in order to avoid her delusions escalating.

    But that event resulted in her grabbing a very sharp, Sabatier kitchen knife with a seven inch blade and her repeatedly trying to stab me with it. I ended up running around all over the small flat trying to keep far enough from her so she couldn’t stab me. The flat was trashed as I flung myself around to evade her as she chased me. She was very agile and it was only a matter of time before she stabbed me. She would have definitely have killed me, probably stabbing me countless time as she was in such a deluded frenzy. Pictures fell from walls and smashed as I thudded into walls and bounced off them into furniture which was then smashed etc etc. There was broken glass from picture frames everywhere and scenes of utter carnage.

    Very, very fortunately, she paused for breath long enough for me to be able to think for a moment. I was able to realise this would continue until she got me and it was really serious and definitely life threatening and I would have to do whatever it takes to stop her.

    So, I was able to plan to try and grab her wrist holding the knife as she next lunged at me with one of my hands and to grab her hand with my other hand and bend her wrist backwards until she was forced to drop the knife.

    I did manage to do that. It was really lucky as I have never been trained in any combat or in how to perform this manoeuvre and she was a fearsome adversary I can tell you. But it worked. Typically for a deluded schizophrenic she just smiled sweetly at me after dropping the knife and became instantly calm as though the whole thing had just been some sort of joke or game rather than a matter of life and death.

    Shortly after this a posse of four police arrived. She said I had been violent they told me and they completely ignored me when I explained she had a diagnosis of schizophrenia and had recently been sectioned etc and she had just tried to kill me and she was likely to be a danger to the baby & the seven & eight year old other two kids in the flat. But the police told me to get out of the flat (it was hers though) or they would arrest me, so I had no choice but to do that. I did have my own house to go to though, but that was not the point. This does illustrate how badly the police can behave, but your tale is even worse and shows the police being even more demented and acting even more illegally.

    I can also completely understand that despite your tale being ancient history by now it is still as raw in your brain as when it first occurred. Things like this never go away. I feel completely stupid for still failing to do something about what social services did to my partner & me (& the three kids involved).

    It is impossibly difficult to bring a legal action, mainly because legal aid is no longer available thanks to this nasty government of ours. But in my case I am totally at fault for so far failing to write and get published a book about it. I say that because I have always been a journalist & know a story when I see one and the reasonable possibility of it being a sale-able proposition to a publisher. I see an even better story in your tale.

    Do you have any documentation about any of this in your possession ? And have you ever thought of demanding all copies of everything from both the police and social services under the freedom of information act ? You should get hold of it.

    If you obtained this documentation (social services are obliged to keep it for seventy years or so & I recently retrieved some social services information from fifty years ago) you should be able to seek substantial damages from them. Have you ever thought of that ?

    By the way I have been studying law at the open university for the past three years as I plan to use legal skills to seek retribution over certain issues. That’s how strongly I feel, and I think you sound pretty similar. You really should consider doing something about it. You could have a chat to me if you like.

    Just to digress briefly for a moment to give you a little snippet of information. I was contacted about seven years ago and asked if I could help two parents who had all three of their infant kids removed by social services and forcibly adopted on what appeared to be entirely imaginary grounds.

    At this point the parents had simply located the whereabouts of their children and had been arrested by the police just for being near that location. Social services had then brought a court action before the High Court in the Strand to ask for the parents to be imprisoned for this ‘offence’. I went to the High Court and was present (unusually and by means of legal trickery as it was a closed court from which the public were barred). The judge didn’t like me being there & made a long & threatening speech directed at me before proceedings began threatening ME with prison if I breathed a word about what happened in court.

    But my presence was probably the reason why those parents did not end up in prison. Nuff said.

    Another strand is for you to consider getting the whole story written down in detail & published. Ideally this should be a commercial book writing thing to enable the widest possible anti social services publicity, but even if it is only published on the internet it will serve it’s purpose.

    I suggest you give some serious thought to writing the whole thing out in every small detail, however long that takes. Just do a thousand words a day and publish it on a blog on a day by day basis, or perhaps only two or three posts a week. It soon adds up to being a book sized thing even at one post a week. My blog here has about 250 posts and is easily a book sized thing which makes me feel totally dumb for wasting that time & effort when I should have been writing a commercial, sale-able book instead to (a) earn much needed income and (b) expose the evil behaviour of social services.

    The weird thing about my blog here is that it seems to have been no effort at all to do which indicates that a book is no problem if you don’t think about it and just do a bit at a time without thinking about the whole thing at once & making it into a big deal which just ends up putting people off completely.

  15. edi Says:

    my story: i had i one-off affair for a few days, so the wife told her busybody friend that i was alcoholic drug addict who had an illegal firearms factory in the garage (i had a woodturning lathe!)
    the friend went straight to social services (lowestoft) who came the next morning telling me to leave the family home and never see my kids again or i will be jailed. i told them the story to deaf ears. 3am 15 armed police bust my door in throwing me to the floor and ripping the house to bits with my 2 year old baby girl there.
    of course they found nothing but took an old cb radio saying its evidence of some sort??
    then without any evidence to back this up i was told by police that i could never return. no court order, nothing. i was younger and without the benefit of google to look up my rights.

    after a few weeks the wife calmed down and apologised, let me see the kids and move back in.

    then the ss returned to tell me to get out of my house so they could have a private word with the wife and kids.

    when i came back they had gone and wife was shaking with fear and said the kids will be taken if i dont leave, so i did for their sake.

    every time i visited after that my kids started saying about all these horrible things they heard i done and grew to hate me because of all the things the ss said to them (kids naturally accept that ss, teachers, policemen, etc are infallibly good).

    soon they wouldnt see me at all. at that point i went to a lawyer finally as the stress had driven the wife into the loony bin and the eldest child was left alone (15) to look after the rest. ss were fine with that! still better than dad being there.

    when the wife was released she went home to chaos at home and daily visits from ed welfare, cpn,ss, etc untill she relapsed.

    this continued for a looong time as in years.

    my lawyer came back to say there was never any order or evidence that i needed to leave my home or kids, and the order the ss told me about was a fabrication.

    i started proceedings for custody as i had equal parental rights and wife was in and out of mental wards while none of the kids went to school and the house turned into a drug den for local teens.

    every time i pressed ss to involve me in the case was refused, and they laughed at me when i said i need custody of the kids for safety.
    they said ‘the child always stays with the mother’

    then they tried to defame me as having mental issues, therefore unfit to care for kids…….all disproven after i agreed to psyche and drug tests. wife still locked up in psyche ward!

    fortunately kids get older and start to understand whats going on around them and the kids and i get on fine and they have families of there own. we go on holidays and are very close.

    i divorced my wife finally after her protesting her way through 2 attempts and now live happily with my new spouse.
    the kids missed 8-12 years of education, schooling, and parenting.
    now 3 of them struggle in low wage dead end jobs or on the dole.
    fortunately the youngest daughter is working her way back up and now has several college diplomas and works 2 jobs to try and support her mum who now has cancer. the 2 of them live in a tiny bedsit and i regularly take my daughter shopping for food to help feed the both of them.

    we all now have a hatred of the lying idiots from suffolk ss who stole the childhood,and lives of a not perfect but average family.
    the damage will last forever. the same faces still work in the suffolk ss.

    i am in favour of a demonstration outside regional ss offices with posters of our kids up high. they only gang up to bully us when we are alone and in need.

    lets gang up and bully them back where the media can see it, then see whos alone and in need.

    fight for families, fight for yourselves, most of all fight for children and their futures.

  16. Bill Coop Says:

    Anonymous must be a social worker. I wonder if he knows that social science is regarded as lowest rung. Some people Feynman ( one of the greatest physists ever ) for instance, doesn’t even regard it a a science because all it offers up is opinion with no proof.

  17. zimba Says:

    Some years ago in an outer London Borough my partner suffered a serious accident. She was employed by the local authority and the accident caused her to be off work for over six weeks.Whole family were relieved when she returned to work and she worked her way back to normal. There was at the time a married senior social worker who was very interested in her return and specifically made moves to ensure my partner was working from his department as opposed to her normal duties. He was discovered abusing his authority and my fragile head injury suffering partner was abused but very frightened for over two years until she plucked up courage to tell me what was going on. She blamed herself.In the first instance his behaviour was “covered up” by his many colleagues and I was completely on my own with the weight of the council organisation supporting him despite much evidence to prove what he was up to. He is now promoted in another organisation which happens to be a local authority.He was taken care of. Beware of Social Workers they really are pond life.

  18. Mrs. Bakewell Says:

    Dear Rhi,
    If Stage 03 complaints has failed you, dont despair. It is the Establishment protecting it’s own and trying to get you to back off.. Your next step is the Ombudsman and your M.P. Look carefully at the Child Protection Statutory Procedures and quote where they were not followed. Request solid evidence to back any false claims regarding your parenting capacity/alleged actions. Try to keep calm and dignified and never give up. Keep a careful diary of all events. Ian Josephs is a very good source of information and the Family rights web-site and Fassit. Log your concerns and case on the John Hemmings web-site as he is very active in parliament seeking justice against false accusation.

  19. Rhi Says:

    Been to stage 3 and got know where,false PPO never seen,prison for 9 months for conspiracy to abduct. Proven false allegations by SW,human rights gone out the window. They expect you to take this all due to one punch (to me from ex )which I reported thinking I was doing the right thing,well now I feel the wrong thing is the right thing to do as SW and police detective can have behreavment counselling as I am dead so prison isn’t a worry as my daughter is the be all and end all of my life

  20. darrel Says:

    Social services what ARSE HOLES as i i recently lost my daughter by a care order we were happy and now we only see each other 2days a week they are running her life she isnt even aloud facebook and shes14 not allowed to mix with her friends we miss each other so much im devistated and totally depressed me out and dont know how much more i can handle soxial services have made me ill id rather not be about id rather be 6 ft under knowing tht this christmas im not going to be with her THEY HAVE TAKEN FROM ME !MY LIFE and i hate norfolk social services with a vengance

  21. Mrs. Bakewell Says:

    Dear Michelle, Please keep calm and go right through to Stage 03, but don’t be too shocked if all of these stages dismiss your evidence. Their remit is to ‘resolve and reconcile’ for the good of the Depts reputation – not yours. Don’t get depressed if they keep ignoring all your evidence. You must take it all the way, then show how the complaints system utterly failed you (if that turns out to be the case). Even the Stage 03 Panel will focus on putting a stop to further complaint, possibly by blasting you as the culprit, but don’t despair at this – it’s a strategy to put you off and wear you down. Just be patient and respectful and dignified in all your words and actions. Only pay for legal help when you have been assurred that the lawyers agree you have a strong case, then look for no win no fee – if they are so sure. Look carefully at the legal CP procedures and see if they were followed – note Haringey court case of 3.3.13, where SS were found guilty of malpractice regarding the sec.47 enquiries. I know of a case where there was a letter from SS claiming they did not do a sec.47 enquiry, which they said at St.03 was ‘an error’ – because they did. There was also a letter from police confirming that SS information was incorrect, but St. 03 panel would not accept this as evidence!! Also be wary of the word of the St.03 ‘witness’, we are very aware of other ‘expert witnesses’ being incorrect.

  22. Michelle Says:

    Omg..although horrendous to read all these accounts of how evil and damaging social services can be it is also a relief. I felt i was alone in this and had been isolated for bullying by a pretentious, paternalistic egotistical service that cannot get a single account of situation right, nor resolve a parents question..mind you listen to the parent that in itself is a joke….this service needs culling….

  23. Rhian Says:

    I am at stage 2 ,complained to care council,and now I am pressing charges as the evidence i have is so strong that if the police continue to let these idiots rule the roust iwill not take it on I will privately,as they expect you to let them say whatever lies they want, to justify stopping a loving mammy and her child being together,they should be charged with false allegations,perverting the course of justice and perjury,or get the same treatment another away,plan b

  24. akroid Says:

    I’m wondering how many people here have made formal complaints to the HCPC about social workers.
    I have a pending case against a social worker and an NHS Trust.
    The HCPC seems to be taking my complaint seriously as they are the only agency that hasn’t completely dumped my complaint and or has laid the entire burden of proof on me as did the GMC.
    If more people complained to the HCPC about social workers it would make a difference.
    The complaints stays on their record and even if your complaint is not fully investigated at least the allegation is on record and it might help the next person who makes a complaint.
    I’m shocked at how much power social workers have. It is truly unbelievable. They have greater powers than the police it seems.
    I’m also shocked at just how incredibly stupid some of these people are.
    I thought that social workers had to have a degree from uni but this is not true. It seems the most dim witted idiot can become a social worker through work experience schemes….
    The social worker I have a case against is so incredibly stupid that I can’t let the case go on the grounds that I don’t deserve to live if someone that truly stupid gets the better of me.
    I have persisted, I have never given up and recently got possession of a document proving the bastard lied to the police in regard to me.
    It’s not a complete victory but it might be enough to get the SOB struck off.
    If I get him struck off it means that I have stopped him from hurting someone else.
    I just don’t think enough people make complaints. Gather up as much evidence as possible and make a fitness to practice complaint with the HCPC.
    Also, always request your documents from whatever agency holds them. This is called a subject access request. You never know what is going to turn up.
    Check and double check anything the SW says he did or records. This is how I busted the SW in my case. I went line by line through every document and called and verified things…if he said he called an ambulance…I would then call the ambulance service and check…The HCPC seems to take this kind of stuff seriously,
    If more people would make complaints I think it would help check some of these bastards. It certainly would make them think twice about doing it again.
    Anyhow, at the very least the complaints even if not acted upon might build up and prove a pattern of misconduct for someone else in the future.
    People just let things go. I know I used to. Not any more. I know if more people would have complained about the SW in my case it would have gone a long way….It’s just so scary how much power they give to these idiots. They really do have more power than the police if you consider what they can do without any due process of the law.

  25. Rhian Says:

    I wish you were right and the secrecy would end this corrupt child is in foster care for my ex punching me once and my daughter was there. I then said I was going to take my daughter and run to the other end of the world,they phoned SS and I was imprisoned for 18months. Then a week before I came out they said they believed my phone calls were coded,all false malicious allegations,even though I proved that after three months under investigation and my daughter hidden to a new place,all family contact stopped. I want to press charges but police are not bothering.wish I knew what to do

  26. Donnieeeee Says:

    I am a native of the states (USA) . I searched on my I pad today for a site like this about parents who have been abused by social services . Misery loves company . I was looking for info about the “evil” American “SS” (comparison to hitlers SS intended) . Social services in the USA sounds extremely similar to the “SS” in the UK .
    In my case I lucked out with the evil SS . In the USA , lairs who want to abuse (persecute) parents for what ever reason “often” run to the SS to tell their lies to the SS . Then the persecution of the parents start . In my case the SS could not find any fault with my wife or I , but they tried to .
    The persecutors were , 1. My motherinlaw , 2. A stupid lawyer , and 3. Various inlaws who in an ignorant and gullible fashion , believed the liar , my motherinlaw . To make matters worse , my poor wife is mentally ill . The lie , the only lie my motherinlaw could come up with was to say that I abused my daughter by trying to get her to go to church one Sunday morning . My daughter in a stubborn way “refused” to go to church that specific Sunday . The whole thing was STAGED . My motherinlaw told my daughter to do that so that mommyinlaw could then go to the police and the SS and drag me into court , as a way to help my daughter “run away from home” . It worked . We simply gave up because we felt we could not stand up against the sinful , powerful , lying legal system and SS who love to tear families apart ( a fun job for them) . My daughter was a conniving little liar (teenager) at the time . Since then she has grown up to be a hard worker and very honest . The way my wife and I tried to train her to be . So in that sense , my wife and I win and my sinful motherinlaw loses .
    Fast forward…… I am now 63 years old . My daughter is 34 . My daughter and I get along very well now , in spite of the PIGS who tore our family apart . I felt I needed to tell at least a little of the story to help make my point …… Point ? …. The point is the SS is corrupt and incompetent very often . Not all the time , but very often ! They can easily be USED by people who are criminally minded . My motherinlaw , who in my mind is criminally minded , knew that and saw an opportunity to sinfully use the sinful SS . I rarely see my motherinlaw these days ….. GO FIGURE !! It’s nice being away from her .

  27. Charmain Says:

    Good web site you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I truly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  28. Mrs Bakewell Says:

    Dear Boz,
    Thanks for contacting me; so very sorry that you had such a bad time with Denbighshire SS….still wanting to know more about what became of ‘SD’?? Is she still lurking around ready to pounce?
    I think this site is very good for communicating but we do need to reach people effectively and find our what’s happening all over Britain. This sense of desperation and despair and of being alone must end. Where is everyone? I suppose they haven’t yet realised that this site exists. It might be better if it was less controversially named. Sometimes, when we vent our anger by name calling, it puts people off and makes them think we are a bit crazy, rather than sincere….having said that, by the time SS have finished tormenting us – most of us become crazy- with grief!!

  29. Mrs Bakewell Says:

    There seem to be so many parents with broken hearts not knowing where to go for help. Are there any out there in Rhyl/Prestatyn area who would like to meet up for help and support with others who understand their pain? We need to unite and bring together whatever we have gathered that helps to keep our children and babies safe. Things are coming more and more out in the open and it seems that all over Britain children are mysteriously being taken into care, especially young ones. Don’t think that if your child/baby has been taken you will never get him/her back and that it’s too late. If a child is taken unlawfully, it is kidnap.

    Parents can and must demand their kidnapped children back. If the law has been broken – parents in every town must find other families who have been targetted and unite together. Don’t ever give up. Those who have been crushed with pain and heart-ache can be supported by the stronger ones. This illegal taking of children on false evidence must stop. There are powerful people in Government who are already seeking to expose this. It will soon be news head-lines “Social Workers accused of being Pied Pipers – Panarama exposing Thousands of children kidnapped by Social workers all over Britain – Emergency meeting in Parliament to check the files of every adopted child in every county to ensure that that legal, statutory procedures were followed….It is expected that by 2015 new laws will ban the Secret Family Courts in Britain which find parents guilty of child abuse without evidence of harm…” Watch this space and pray. Dont be drowned by your tears, be strong, you’re not alone any more; join the march for justice.

  30. Mrs Bakewell Says:

    Can you please tell me more about Susan Dicks of Denbighshire CC Social Services. The first article says that she destroyed a family of 3 children – Was she ever held to account? Where is she now?

  31. Alistair Watson Says:

    Good luck!

  32. Thomas Andrew Sweeten Says:

    Try East Ayrshire Council’s Children Families and Criminal Justice for screwed up and opinionated. Four members of staff come to mind with their underhand disregard for the Human Rights act. And their treatment of families who have fled abuse in another area -Dumfries and Galloway who must also rank amongst the worst departments in Scotland for Fabrication of reports . So be careful if you have any dealings with Pauline Donnelly (Family Support worker) Claire McLean (social worker) Stephanie Holburn (Manager) and Martin Egan (Service Manager) all based at the old Johnnie Walker bond strand street Kilmarnock . As they cannot even get factual details right on family history, child’s date of births then argue with you when you correct them but then they still put incorrect information in a report to children’s panel because in their ( Pauline Donnelly and Claire McLean) they are correct.
    This is the same department who failed to protect a baby !!!

  33. aki Says:

    From my own personal experience with social workers…they are the most uneducated, illiterate, inept, and corrupt officials you can have contact with. In the mental health services they regularly get paid kick backs by s12 approved doctors. They lie on reports, don’t check facts and God help you if they write a report about you in your medical records.

    You can check out their registration details or make complaints about them with the HCPC. I would strongly advise anyone who has had a problem to do so.

    They get away with so much and are hardly ever held accountable for their actions.

    It’s really important to complain about these ”professionals.” They consistently flout the law, regulations and their own standards of conduct.

    Think about the consequences to other people…That’s the way I see it…even if your complaint seems to go no’s important to file and lodge complaints against these individuals.

  34. clare Says:

    social services are scum of the earth and believe me im fighting to get social services back in to court and im going to send them to hell and back and i have found reports on walsall social services//walsall council //ofsted //and the rest of the evil arse holes who are involved in wrecking families lives and for what ?extra points social services have alot to ANSWER FOR AND BELIEVE ME MATE THEY ARE GOING TO PAY FOR EVERY CHILD WHO HAS DIED IN THERE CARE AND ALL THE NEGLECT AND IF YOU CAN GET INTO THE DATA BASE SYSTEM YOU CAN FIGHT THE BASTARDS WHO THINK ITS GOOD TO DESTROY OUR FAMILIES FOR THERE NEGLECT

  35. Zahra Says:

    I love and care for my children. My teenage daughter lost her faith a teacher turned her into atheist, she became ungrateful to me, also her teacher made improper remarks on her body, she went on harsh diet became moody, abusing me verbally, became depressed, social services involved lied about me and pushed me out of my home. I am homeless and away from my family. They think that will cure the rift between me and my daughter. Where is the Logic here? I need advice.

  36. veronica Says:

    This is a evil system. I have experience of them .

  37. Alistair Watson Says:

    Be Strong my friend. Social services rely on fiction rather than fact. An you are right its all about ticking boxes!
    Good luck!

  38. kev Says:

    hi, this is a tricky one and im sorry for the long winded story that i am about to say but i cant think of a shorter one…

    when i was younger me and my younger sister experimented as some children do. yes i know it should never ever of happened but it did and there is nothing i can do to change this now 😦

    i met up with my ex wife in 2000. We started to be very good friends at first then things just seemed to happen we got married in 2002 and it was the best day in our lives. Loads and loads of tears of happiness for most that turned up. Amazing day.

    We had our first son in out 2003. and had a daughter in dec 2004 wasnt planned but vould never change the fact that we had 2 beautiful children.

    In june 2006 her 12 year old sister accused me of touching her and i got questioned and DNA taken finger prints and they had no evidence to say that i did but then they had nothing to say i didn’t. We later found out that her dad put her up to this all because i took my ex wife from the family home!!

    In july 2006 we had another daughter and in march 2008 another son. Everything was going so so well. There was a friend of my ex wifes staying over cause of my daughters birthday in dec 2008 and me and her always had a bit of banter.

    I sent her a stupid text saying do you want to meet me down stairs. I had no intention of going down or doing anything with her because i was a married man. In the morning she showed the message i sent to my ex wife who has now told her dad about this and he came over and ordered me out of the family home and he punched me in the face.

    I called the police and had him arrested for what he had just done to me. Just as i was about to leave the police station after i had given them my statement another officer came in and read me my rights saying that i have been accused of attempted to rape my wife! I was devastated and gob smacked stunned.

    I’ve never in my life done anything like this to any one. I got sent to prison on remand hated every second of it. Got made to move out of the area that i lived in and was put on trial for attempted rape.

    The jury only took a couple of hours to find me not guilty as there was nine discrepancy’s in her statement. In 2011 i sent a letter to my children asking how they all are and just to let them all know that daddy loves and misses them all and i never stop thinking about them.

    I had her solicitor call me and said that there is going to be a court date for residency of my children because she is saying that i have touched my older two children. This killed me to think that anyone that knows me says im nothing like that.

    I moved back to the area in jan 2012 because of the court date was in june and needed to see my solicitor about it all. i then met up with a school friend that we used to go to junior school together back in the 80’s and we just hit it off. we didnt plan anything just friends i told her about my past and she says that she can see im nothing like everyone is saying and how much it hurts me.

    she confided in a friend and told her everything that i know so the friend decided to go to the police and ask about this sarahs law.

    the wiltshire police and social services came out and done there initial assessment on me and the children and my new partner and they could see nothing wrong so we carried on as normal.

    my new partner had to move out of her house as it was private rented so i then moved in with her. sept 2012 a few weeks after we get settled in dorset my partners ex decided to do the same thing after he got told by the friend in wiltshire. so dorset social services and the police came round to talk about it all.

    the police didnt want anything to do with it all but social service omg they went to town on it all they have made mine and my now ex partner a living hell. they have just made my partner choose over me or her children and for not to have any form of contact with me and if she dose then her children are going to be taken away.

    they are making me out to be a right so in so with children all because i have had accusations on my police file. i think that this is not right or totally wrong with what they are doing to an innocent man. my partner has got to do an 18 week course about protective parenting and they say i have got to do a course so i dont reoffend! ie not done it in the first place. but yet they keep saying that both me and my partner are in denial over it all.

    im not going to stick my hand up in the air and say yes i done all these things when i know ive not done anything wrong. i am now living in a one bed flat and my ex partner has had to move due to financial problems cause i have been forced out of the family home. they say i fit the profile of someone who sexually offends its all a tick box for these guys we think. they should go for them out there that do do this sort of thing and not innocent easy targets like me.

  39. Samii Anne Branter Says:

    ive bn abused by the social in the way of them taking me to care then putting me back wi a alccy mother who regually tried to kill her self this happened on numourus times now they took my 4 kids and used a 10yr old psycological report on me in court ive also got it in black and white that we can look after our kids on a day to day basis from a family assesment unit yet they still took our kids youngest is 1 in june who the foster fam has taken him abroard wi out my consent bc even tho he up 4 adoption ive still got a bit of pr and over in the isle of white has no social servises x

  40. Andy Says:

    Any family with children on a child protection plan, should seriously consider if they can possibly leave the country, preferably to a country not signed up to the hague convention. After numerous lies, my family did exactly that (thailand being a safe destination from them) and they have been prospering since. It should be done prior to them starting care proceedings, which can be predicted to happen if they are twisting and fabricating their reports. Smell that trouble, then run as fast as you can, for these idiots have already set the agenda, and are now just compiling their false evidence to support that agenda. RUN, RUN, RUN is the only way to keep your children in these circumstances. Sad but true..

  41. Camile Trevors Says:

    I’m 15 and I absolutely HATE social services! The first time they presented themselves to us, I started getting nightmares and then depression. Now I recently recovered from depression, and they recently found out I HAD depression so they’re coming to ruin our lives again! 😦

  42. getting there hopefully Says:

    Google forvyour local advocacy office, they will arrange a meetingbwith u take all your reports etc with u, im getting help with my lot atm because they are tryiing to pull more crap and its not right at all….

  43. Jamie lunn Says:

    I’m in dyer need of help. I have social services on my case. They are looking to take my baby away at birth. (I have 4 weeks left to the day) and the worker has written a pack of lies on her report in order to met the threshold for the legal team. (All of the accusations I can disprove) but because of it she’s now looking into a care order. And I’ve tried very route but because social services are widely believed I’m literally on the verge of having my baby snatched from me. And I’m terrified as I dunno what to do or where to get help as I keep getting turned away. I can’t even get legal aid as I work and the only way to get free legal advice is if care proceddings are already I’m place.

  44. L Says:

    We want to all band together and get some sort of formal petition or complaint sent to the goverment…this is not fair, i STILL have SS involved nearly 2.5 years later even though they have stated they HAVE NO concerns… now they are writing a care plan for my New 9 week old baby and telling me she will be put on supervision if my other 2 are not taken off… yet they let my Ex WHO is the main reason for their involvment due to drug and alcohol abuse…….YET they are the ones who are persisting with my Ex having access…… ALso they have taken a comment from someone i know, who is also under their *care* when he told them he assumed my Ex was my baby’s dad, which he ain’t but it seems to be the only reason they are now doing care plans etc…. YET they dismissed a pre-birth risk assesment, let him come to my house for visits around my baby, until they assumed he was dad……

    everyone wants to look for their branch of ADVOCACY they have helped me loads and are helping me with this NEW crap thats being kicked up…

  45. samantha Says:

    i had a drink problem for the past 2 yrs ive been sober yet i cant have my kids back!!! i was 10 and in hospital with psychosomatic chest pains which was real to me but not to the docs i was in a shit house with my alccy mother been introduced to pedos ect yet i got no help they just took my kids my eldest is nearly 10 then 7 then 3 and my youngest is 9 months im hurting and seriously thinking bout ending it all but i cant!!!

  46. Kerry & Deeno Says:

    Yes Social Services find English written language a challenge. In addition Guardians, Solicitors & Barristers are similarly afflicted,.


    But perhaps we are being too harsh and as a result loose Justices attention. If we are to help people we need to encourage them to them to alert Justices not to incompetence, but, instead a ‘failed competence’ that is the source of direct harm.

    a) Demonstrate a failure to adhere to statute eg. CA1989

    b) Examine conduct for the purpose of the CA1989 ‘paramountcy of the child’ — this requires the childs desires to be disclosed. In many cases you will find that ‘paramountcy of the child’ is replaced by either a failed competence or prejudice.

    c) Examine historic prognosis by the social worker / guardian. Has time proved their previous prognosis to be safe?

    d) Have the guardian / social worker adhered to their vocational training. eg. have they reviewed both parents with equal dedication

    e) Always remember that 90% of those touched by social workers wind up with their own children in the ‘care’ programme. This is a damning citation confirming a failed competence. THE MATHS — if social workers were competent then we would have fewer problems and lower caseloads as they ‘cure’ family problems. Remember the UK Population in 40years has only grown by 4m ie less than POINT 1% PA…. yest Social Worker Caseloads have grown by over 100times the UK population growth rate. Indicating that the Social Workers’ involvement with families is the burden being placed on society and indeed confirmed by the fact that 90% they touch end up in the ‘care’ programme. £££ money? Yes we the unweary taxpayer finance this failed competence.

    f) Proportionality – remember that an adult incarcerated for even murder can be freed after seven years. A child however, is forced to suffer family separation for up to 18years. No immediate family no extended family. We are discussing a child here. This is someone without reference to a history of relationships and therefore un-able to find solace in its current Local Authority confined world. To this child separation from its micro world of Mom & Dad Aunts & Uncles Grand Parents etc in Proportional terms is over 98% of its reference. Sever this and you willingly confine the child to a state of organised solitary confinement. The Local Authority by its severance of the childs life becomes the source of its Emotional Abuse that then creates and adult about to fail their own children ie. 90% back tot he programme. So the Local Authority is the source of MULTI_GENERATIONAL ABUSE!


    a) S34.1 CA1989 ‘no child shall be denied parental contact for more than 7days without court approval. Yet many social workers suspend contact or blackmail parents with threats of no contact. Only two options are possible here
    i) The Social Worker has failed in appreciating facts . statute or
    ii) Elects to consider herself / himself a higher authority than the Queen

    b) Failed competence of Social Workers & ‘Guardian’ can be denomstrated by requesting them to present the effects of their prognosis on
    i) Neurodevelopment
    ii) Epigenetic effects of environment
    iii) Foster children have elevated levels of cortisol, a stress hormone in comparison to children raised by their biological parents. Elevated cortisol levels can compromise the immune system.

    There is more.. if interested email

    by Kerry Turner & Deeno Sharma (Newport South Wales) — yes home of the Williams Case

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Some usual advice for all you victims:

    Previously social workers were registered and regulated by the General Social Care Council (GSCC). Amazingly this organisation could not consider matters of competence (I wonder who they were really working for?). However, their responsibility has now been taken over by the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).

    The HCPC can consider matters of competence, and will reconsider complaints already looked at by the GSCC. Get your complaints written!

  48. Anonymous Says:

    A little over three years ago I ran into trouble with my child, and made the massive mistake of asking social services for help. My child had become involved in serious drug use, yet despite the social workers involved actually being informed by professionals that this was the case, one after another they refused to accept it. Incredibly even when presented with multiple professional reports to show them what the issue was, they chose instead to accept in preference my child’s assurances that they were not using drugs.

    They chose instead to blame my parenting, without having any evidence whatsoever to support their claims. Time and time again I asked them to present their evidence in front of a judge or witness of some form but they could not because of course they had none at all. To this very day they have never explained their claim to me.

    As a result of their incompetence my child’s drug problem grew much worse, to the point where we lost considerable property and money through theft, and my partner and I were both assaulted. But still they refused to accept my child had any issue with drugs. They refused to believe it even after my child was taken into care following his attack on me, and consequently his problems and drug use escalated dramatically. They refused to believe it even after my child had been in care for two years, and incredibly they continued to insist the problem was my parenting even after that time!

    I have other children with no issues incidentally, they knew this very well.

    I am now trying to pick up the pieces of a social services intervention that was a complete and utter disaster, that literally destroyed my once idyllic family, and has a financial cost to the tax payer that must now be close to the one million pound mark. We have now shown beyond doubt that the issue with our child was drugs, and they have been legally forced to assist us. But the lasting damage has been done I am afraid.

    Disturbingly the most incompetent social workers (none of them were exactly competent) we encountered are still working as such.

    My advice is that, no matter how bad it gets, never ask social services for help. If you are reading this thinking it cannot be reality, then think again because it is I can assure you. Please learn from my pain, I would not wish any parent to suffer in the way that I have done. All I ever wanted was my child free from drugs.

    You have all been warned!

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I had a very similar experience to some of these, awful.

  50. eve Says:

    My youngest daughter went happily off to college at the end of April 2012. She never came home. I became absolutely frantic searching for her. I eventually had a call from Social Services and the woman’s words will haunt me forever……”I have your daughter here…you will never see her or hear from her again” I have become so unhappy and stressed….no one will tell me why and as the woman said, I have not seen or heard from M since. 4 weeks ago, social services from a different borough, called unannounced, with a detective, and insisted on entering my home. Apparently there are ‘concerns’ about my son!!! He is 28!!! I am not sure if I can take much more….I have been unable to work, iI normally am employed freelance by social services and education and health depts. I am facing bankruptcy and feel so confused. Why will they not tell me what I am ‘supposed’ to have done….My whole life, health and happiness have been destroyed……why won’t SS tell me what is happening?

  51. Alistair Watson Says:

    Social services Scum Of the Earth! I Bet The Lord Jesus would have been taken into care straight away being born in a barn an having a Mad mum who claimed she gave birth to a baby without having sex!
    Who do these people think they are, To ruin hard working people’s lives with lies an deciet!

  52. Anonymous Says:


  53. Alistair Watson Says:

    I can completely relate to what you have written.
    Social services got my two children put on child protection, by writing a false, wrong report of our lives.
    Our Son has A.D.H.D! we were coping with his behaviour until The SS got involved. I am now close to Splitting from my partner an mother of my two children,an I am even closer to suicide!
    They may have the power..
    But they have no Rite.

  54. Boz Says:

    I sympathise. It sounds ridiculous !

    Did you know your relationship with your wife was this bad before this happened Or did it just come out of the blue ? If it just came out of what you had perceived to be a relatively normal marriage, then it is a big indicator that it is something deliberately fabricated by your wife.

    Regardless of that. It is HER laptop and there has been absolutely nothing to indicate it is anything to do with you – except the statement your wife made to the police that ‘you must have taken the pictures’. There are loads of possibilities of who might have taken the pictures. It may have been the kids themselves. Kids very frequently do that kind of thing all the time.

    The simple fact is, you have done nothing at all wrong here. There are no charges or investigations going on against you. therefore, in terms of law, nobody can interfere with your life in the way they would be able to if there WERE charges etc against you.

    Social services are therefore acting illegally. You cannot be prevented from returning to your house or seeing your children without social services getting court orders etc to that effect and providing evidence of a need to interfere with you. It is true they had the very smallest of shreds of possibility of doing that at the beginning when an allegation was made by your wife. But that allegation has now been disproved/dismissed by the police and so there is no evidence of any relevant nature against you for social services to do anything – unless they turn up something else.

    But from what you say about your wife, it sounds as though you have a terminal relationship with her and it was terminal from her point of view before she made an allegation to the police – otherwise she wouldn’t have done it – particularly if it was a fabrication by her, which is may well be. It is far more likely SHE took these pictures (according to the tone of what you say).

    Also you seem to indicate the pictures were of ‘private parts’ (genitals only ) and did not positively show the identification of your actual daughters, but I may be wrong there and just misreading what you said. But, if these pictures do not show your daughters faces, then they could be of any children and might have been obtained by your wife specifically to enable her to fabricate allegations against you knowing it would cause you problems with social services & the police.

    I am bothering to go through all this logic just in case you haven’t in order to help you clarify in your mind what you might do about it which is to just go back home and sort your wife out and tell social services to get lost or produce legally correct orders based on real facts & evidence and not the nonsense of a bitchy wife’s imaginary allegations which are pure works of fiction.

    But, regardless of all the above, let me give you the benefits of my own experience of a bitchy wife who had an affair and ran off with another man when my two daughters were teenagers.

    This appalling woman felt so guilty about her disgusting behaviour towards me and her two children, that she turned her guilt into extreme anger against me so that she could cope with her own guilt. This is a well known, common psychological mechanism. Having done this, she then snarled, hissed and spat at me that she intended alienating my two kids from me and she would ensure they never had anything to do with me again. And, she hoped I would die a lonely person. Her exact words.

    A thoroughly nasty piece of work.

    I want you to understand that despite me being very close to both my kids at that time, the nasty ex-wife of mine has succeeded in alienating my two kids who are both about thirty years old now. The older one refuses to speak to, or acknowledge me in any way at all after the last fifteen years of her foul mother dripping the alienation poison in her ears.

    I recently read a book about a boy who committed suicide at the age of sixteen after his father alienated him from his mother. It is a common and well known syndrome of divorces. It is lethal.

    Don’t let the bitch do it. Intervene robustly the moment you are aware of alienation (brainwashing) commencing. It sounds as though it already has.

    Do something about it immediately before it is too late because once it is established it is almost impossible to stop and you will lose your children forever. It also affects their own mental health and frequently leads to suicide.

    Click this link to an article about PARENTAL ALIENATION on my blog here.

  55. anonymous Says:

    Heres my scenario.
    My wife found images taken on her camera and sitting on her laptop that one of our kids had seemingly taken about 8 years ago. A couple of the shots were close ups of a little girls private parts and could easily be deemed offensive. Our kids would have been around 5 and 2 at the time. Until eight weeks ago I was totally unaware of these pictures.
    My wife decided to print the pictures off and take them to the police saying that I had taken them. I was duly arrested, detained, interviewed and then released on bail. I had to leave where I live and find somewhere else to stay. Every electronic device in my house was seized by police and forensically examined.
    Several weeks on and all proceedings have been dropped. My phone, laptop, cameras etc have been returned. I am innocent of the offence levelled at me by my evil twisted vile wife. Still living away from home, job very much in jeopardy and feeling pretty broken as a human being.

    However whilst my wife continues to do everything in her power to turn the kids against me (“if I tell them what he’s done they’ll never talk to him again”, “daddys done a bad thing and hes got to go away for a while”, etc, etc, etc – all witnessed statements from my wife to either my family members or my kids) I’ve been told that I still cannot have unsupervised access to my children.
    The SS told me “your child HAS been abused and simply because the police cannot find enough evidence to charge you does not mean we will stop protecting your child” (?????!!!!!)

    Words cannot contain the hatred I feel for these people. My children are being damaged by their sick, twisted, evil mentally ill bitch of a mother and I am not allowed to see them on my own because I am the one who is unsafe according the SS. The fact that my pc,phone, etc, etc have been forensically examined and released by police appears to be irrelevant.

  56. lorraine Says:

    im having so many problems with ss aswell,i have six children three girls and three boys,it started back in 2010 they had a refferal from my kids school because of my sons health issues that he has had since he was 2 months old,he is now six which docters have been sorting out all these years the school thought i wasnt feeding him so did a referral,the social worker came out her name was kim black a roght cow,she didnt have kids and was out for me at the beginning she went through my house picking faults with it,then spoke to the children on there own and said the children seem very happy,next thing i no there on a protection plan,reason were neglect i werent doing this i werent doing that,this went on for two years now finaly the kids are off and kim black was taken of the case after lots of row and complaints by me,they said i was a very capable mother and my kids were fine,six months later i have another referral from CAF there who i have to work with,they said they were worried about my garden as its not safe and my locks on my wondows,another socail worker came out picking more faults and lieing ,i say something she twists it and says something completly differant ,i also lost my daughter in 2008 from meningittus they didnt help me then they waited until i broke down a year later,im realy worried not sure what to do they wont leave me and the kids alone,they havnt got a case thats why they taken me to court but how do i get rid of them once and for all,please help .

  57. killthess Says:


  58. Anton Says:

    “But I generally find that people who write dimwitted comments under the banner of ‘anonymous’, are invariably inadequate and lacking in self esteem and without anything useful to say as they are just intent on hurling pointless abuse because it is the only way they can express themselves; being otherwise completely inarticulate.”

    This illustrates the problem (as do other posts here). People speak of problems with the Social Services (or dismiss criticism of them). They are bound to do so in emotive language because of the nature of the “problem.” Anyone who criticises the Social Services is bound to appear a little troubled, and may appear paranoid. As I say, that is the problem. People feel helpless against accusations based sometimes at least in part on speculation. The Social Services are not bound by any rules of evidence, which sounds like a pedantic legal “oh so clever” argument. But rules of evidence exist so that disputes and problems can be solved with reliable information/evidence so that the process does not degenerate into wild accusations. With no rules of evidence, one party can say virtually anything and it can be accepted, especially worrying if that party “holds all the cards” (supposed knowledge/experiences,access to police records etc.). What seems like a legal academic point is in fact the major part of the Social Service problem. The result is that someone may have genuine problems but mere speculation is added by Social Services to “gild the Lily” so that a resolvable problem becomes serious enough to remove children from their parents. The “offending” parent may, as I say have big problems, but they could be put right; what a parent cannot put right is what they have not done or do not do. That is what is seen daily in legal practice. For example a person may have a drink problem – clearly evidenced, even admitted. But then the Social Services may go on to say they have a drugs problem because they have seen them go to Mr.X’s house – when they might not have done, or they simply do not take drugs. They might say that the person has rolling papers in his pocket and write in a report that this is evidence of drug taking. All this sounds simple stuff but it is still an example of what becomes evidence for the Social Services and what becomes fact. It sounds minor but it is at the heart of many of the problems above. Understandably parents/people get angry about lies and then get involved in a slanging match about the disputed facts – their true problem (which could be sorted) gets ignored. Social Services then say the parent is “in denial” and the circle continues. Some Family Court judges see through the poor evidence, but some don’t and some trust verbatim what Social Services say.

  59. Ozzy Says:

    Hi Jade. Sorry to hear about your problems with the SS.
    You say that their contact notes stated things that you were not in agreement with.
    You should challenge these notes by claiming that they are not verified as factual as you obviously have not been asked to sign to say you were in agreement with them.
    If they cant verify the notes as accurate, they cannot prove the content, You should approach the complaints organisation to say that you disagree with their recording of the facts. It is your right to request that the SS prove the accuracy of any notes especially something as important as this. It is regarded as good ptractice to ask everybody who was at a meeting to sign the minutes including yourself to verify accuracy. If they have not done this, then you complain on the grounds that they are using unverified, unchallenged and ‘weighted’ information.

  60. Jade Says:

    Ss SUFFOLK have destroyed my life they have stolen my 4 children 3 sons and a 10 month old daughter I had only stopped breastfeeding a week previous; the reason? Apparently myself and partner were going to flee to Ireland whilst on a supervision order. The evidence? None and none was proved. Myself and partner were at that time unemployed with under £100 between us. They are now in foster care until at least May, in the mean time I am subjected to psychological analysis. I’ve already had a full IQ test, the results showing a high average result. Still not enough for them I have 3 hours contact with my children, all supervised. My eldest boy is 12 and up until September 2011 had lived with me every day since he was born since he was born! The same going for my 10 year old and 3 year old sons. Also my daughter up until 9 months. I would like to make it clear I never even knew nothing of the Ss until this February when they informed me if I Didnt leave the father to my daughter they would remove my newborn at birth. The reason? Apparently my partner was an alcoholic and possible madman. Excuse me for not taking every word those lot have to say as fact, but I didn’t. Well I’m not with him now as it’s too much pressure, the lies Ss SUFFOLK will tell is outstanding. They lie in contact notes they say I say things I didn’t say, say I was giggling when I wasn’t. They say my 3 year old has been emotionally harmed. Just for the record I’m a non-smoker, light drinker, never done drugs ordinary 28 year old woman with no health problems. This could happen to anyone. They want to adopt my daughter, I have longed for a little girl since I was 6, got one after all those boys then they cruelly stole them. It is 28th December and I haven’t seen my children since 23rd December, the first Christmas I’ve ever missed with them. I haven’t even seen them since I don’t see them until Friday, and then until 3rd of January. What’s more I will be missing all their birthdays as they all fall on non-contact days over the next couple of months. They’ve made things up about me, and the only reason I can think of is that they need to prove to their managers they were right to spend the fortune they have on the case. Take my advice though, if you don’t live in Suffolk don’t move here.

  61. Ozzy Says:

    Is there any mention ‘in Law’ about lying being unacceptable and therefore any enquiry that was conducted by a local authority on themselves (absolute joke), being regarded as not reliable or credible evidence??
    If there was a publication or website that would give this ‘clause’ i would be happy to hear from anyone with such info.
    Many thanks.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for that,you are right,i need to calm down a bit .But have just been told my grandaughter is being shipped off to Wales, when I have been approved by fostering panel and they want her to come to me. sw said to wales. found out they planned this didnt get invited or told about permancy planning meeting or Reviews though as her nan and having had an application in court for a residence order since January, her having a care order put on her in may, and having contact with her they have excluded me from the whole planning process when i should have been there and they knew i would have been there.

  63. Anton Says:

    My considered opinion, as a lawyer and a parent is that the Social Services are turds.

    What needs to be done is to “put them on the spot.” Simply get your lawyer to ask “what do you mean?” “Would you like to explain exactly?” “May I see the evidence for what you say.?”

    Be polite, be straight – just ask the simple questions. Do not be cocky or agressive.

    Just ask “why” – it is quite amusing to see Social Services crumble after such blunt/direct questions. It is not clever legal questioning: no, it is just getting the truth about the situation.

    So many times I have reduced Social Services to tears by asking simply: “Can you support what you say?” And then keeping quiet.

    The child is what counts; push your lawyer to ask basic simple questions.

    Your lawyer must say that the child is paramount and question the Social Services as to WHy they think as they do. They MUST support what they say.

    A simple question can make the Social Worker retreat into silence (because they have no answer): GOOD! Let them sweat! Ask them a penetrating question and then button your lip!

    I once waited four minutes before a Social Worker said “oh” – she had no answer. Good

    Make your lawyer work and make sure he/she puts the right questions.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    just been through the mp route, you will not be amused. After i informed him of another bit of evidence from my file, a total change around he dropped me like he had just burnt himself, after 2 months of saying he would get to the bottom of it apparently legallities of the case now mean he is no longer willing to assist me.Did I hit a nerve, apparently this evidence of social sevices incompetence and the “legalities” surrounding the case sent him running for cover under his desk? I asked him ” So its not correct then that “Every Child Matters”? As he hurried off, his response was ” I have to go Goodbye”. Says it all really.

  65. Boz Says:

    Ozzy, what you need is a lawyer who knows or knows where to look up the relevant law relating to ‘how & when to bring proceedings’ or otherwise deal with official bodies who fail to do what they are supposed to do or misbehave in some manner.

    I have exactly the same problem about having to call malevolent and incompetent public bodies to account & I too want to do something about it. My current experience tells me that :

    – you need that lawyer as stated above. Laymen need lawyers only because lawyers are supposed to know the ‘rules’ of law which then enable a lawyer to issue appropriate legal ‘proceedings’ to force compliance or remedy or restitution to the wronged individual.

    – you are very unlikely to be able to get a lawyer unless you have loads & loads of spare cash.

    – legal aid is a joke and virtually non-existent, so no lawyers for you there.

    – so, I am about to embark on the tedious job of fishing around myself to discover where the relevant bits of law are that I need to use to deal with my similar problems of misbehaving public bodies.

    – the only difference between you & me as laymen, and a lawyer, is their knowledge of where to find the ‘law’ that they then can quote in court which then (if they get it right) obliges the court to make a judgement in their favour. That is to say, the judgement they want.

    What I am saying is that because that professional knowledge of law is routinely denied to ordinary people because they cannot afford lawyers and legal aid is just a farce, the obvious route is to become your own lawyer by studying law and finding out where to find the relevant information needed.

    Unfortunately, when you do find the information, the language of law can be so tortuous, it is difficult to understand. It helps if you know a bit of Latin.

    Overcome all these problems, and it will be great fun wiping the floor in court with these poisonous, idle, malevolent public servants who have spread like syphilitic disease throughout our society to make this country quite unpleasant to live in sometimes.

  66. Ozzy Says:

    The department that would normally investigate this matter states that it can only deal with a complaint against a named social worker.
    It can not deal with a department or council as such as it would not be within their remit. Such a common phrase when dealing with anyone investigating the social work.
    I have contacted the ombudsman who suggested I request a reinvestigation based on new evidence.
    I do not wish for this to turn into yet another cover up as it will do if i go down the ‘expected’ channels. I have today contacted my MPs office and explained all the circumstances. They will be informing him and i should hear back soon.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    have you ever tried a Judicial Review?

  68. Anonymous Says:

    Have you ever tried getting a Judicial Review?

  69. Ozzy Says:

    What happens when you uncover evidence that an enquiry that was done to highlight social work failings was flawed.
    Have just received my original complaint form back with hand written notes by an investigator confirming my allegations against a social worker, yet the conclusion went in favour of the social worker.
    Their own codes of conduct require them to be open and honest yet it appears that the very people who conduct investigations into social work failings are themselves corrupt and guilty of systemic lying in order to protect a department that are quite frankly sinister and dangerous in their operations.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    anyone know what happens when 1 social worker, goes against another in court?

  71. Anonymous Says:

    just to let you know i agree with all you have said. i may have found a shining light today though in just 1 social worker no ordinary woman for certain she is willing to go to court to support me against social services incompetent disgusting behaviour, what can she do alone iam unsure but i cant wait to see if she is as good as she seems,im sure you are all doubters as am i, but let me just say that she has managed to get one social worker the sack two weeks ago. 1 down many more to go.I know you are loving this woman already just for that. but i dont know if she can survive the vengance of social service.

  72. Anton Says:

    Thanks Boz:

    Yes chapter and verse. One minor example, more if you need it.

    One parent i represented was (according the Social Services) to be denied contact with the child because the following behaviour was inappropriate.

    He had said to the social worker before what turned out to be his last supervised contact with the child that he was upset, and wished to have advice, in case his upset came out. In the end the meeting went went.

    But because of the query to the Social Worker he was prevented from seeing his daughter. Or at least they tried.

    Why? Because his query was deemed “inappropriate.” His natural worry was taken as “inappropriate.” . The meeting went well, there was no question of abuse of the child either in the past or the meeting.

    To repeat: the Father simply said he was worried that his worries might come out and he needed help. And all this to to the Social Services and not the child.

    It took me an hour cross-examining the Social Worker to extract the truth – what harm could the [Respondent’s] actions have done to a child who had not been abused, wanted to see the parent… Even the mother agreed!

    The Social Services still continued to say the father’s actions were “inappropriate” – and that was that.

    Luckily the Judge said it was all nonsense. But if I had not pushed it – the child could not have had contact. I was acting for the child (as was the mother’s counsel) – there was no real dispute between the parties. It was the Social Services who were teh problem.

    I give a trite, perhaps minor example but my point is that the SS can make mountains out of molehills without evidence, without logic.

  73. krazy Says:

    The social services are incompetent and liars, they do wreck lives and are constantly doing it, my whole family has been torn apart by them, they held secret meetings and from the beginning the were judge, jury and executioner. they did not look into any background, i had a solicitor but nothing ever happened only more letters etc. my case started 5 years ago, my family were destroyed through mallicious lies. i now have severe depression and mental problems
    some off you may ask me to write my story from the beggining but it is to indepth and painful to write on here. im an adult and it has
    affected me very severly, god only knows how its affected my girls? so for all of you that say its rubbish, it is not rubbish the social services are useless good for nothing condescending lying decieving incompetant hopeless trash they need a complete overhaul of their policies and procedures. look through newspapers there are children desperate for there help but they are left to die, What makes it more sad is that the social services are involved with these children, but they do nothing. yet they destroy innocent families then wash their hands its disgusting. This site may be some help to any other innocent families

    read the children act 1989 dont let them quote you stuff with out knowing the truth

  74. swindledbythebanks Says:

    Lots of people know you are quite right. Unfortunately, most of them are the victims of the social workers and are usually powerless to do anything about it because they are exhausted by their difficulties which are made a thousand time worse by moronic social workers. But why are not more people other than the victims doing something about it ?

    What do you mean by ‘worse examples’ than just a bid of minor bad language that you quote ? Undesirable though bad language may be, it is no justification for social services taking kids away from their parents .

    If you’ve got the time to write, please give us some chapter and verse of some of the more ludicrous social services behaviour you have seen. It really needs exposing – even if it is only here. If it isn’t written about the wider public will simply never understand what really goes on.


  75. Anton Says:

    The main problem with Social Services is that they are paranoid and need to “cover themselves” – so, if they have the slightest inkling that something is up they tend (if easy) to interfere and will not ever change their mind (almost as a matter of pride). I am a Family Lawyer (barrister) and have seen many, many cases (in fact the majority) where the SS (as I call them) base their decisions on no evidence and an ‘o’ level textbook. My job is to ensure the welfare of the child, not to attack social workers. But, it must be said that many Social Workers are hardly trained. Would you trust your health to someone not trained – and you would have a GP, Consultant, Radiographer, Blood Lady, Nurse. Major decisions about your health are made by a team, one checking the other and each with a specialism. Social Workers are a rule unto themselves – at best one social workers might check another. A apparently minor point is their obsession with the word “inappropriate.” Which covers anything they do not like – but which they cannot say is illegal, dangerous or wrong, because it isn’t. Seriously: they have tried to take people’s children away because of inappropriate behaviour which can amount to such things as saying the word “lezzer” or “dick” a few times. I do not joke. I can understand constant bad language being a bit off, but then the parent should at least be helped to stop it – if it’s a problem. And so on. The things I have seen are even worse than the accounts above. The child is what counts, not Social Worker’s stubborn egos.

  76. krazy Says:

    this link breaks your heart where were the social services in this case?

  77. Boz Says:

    Make certain you DEMAND evidence from the social worker when you are in court that your daughter was off school for 22 days.

    Also obtain evidence of exactly how many minutes late your daughter was each day and demand from the school that they provide this as they have marked you absent for the entire morning or day.

    Nobody can just say what they want in court without being required to show actual evidence to back up what they say – particularly when they refer to documentary evidence such as the school register.

    You need a solicitor and a barrister to do all this for you. Have you got one ? If not get one immediately.

    But if you don’t get legal representation do this.

    1) ask the school in writing to supply details of the register and explain what it means when a session is ticked absent. They will have to say (get it in writing) that a session is marked absent whether a pupil is one minute late or away the whole session.

    Then ask the school to explain in writing the real amount of time your daughter was absent.

    Then (in court) ask the social worker where they got the information your daughter was absent for 22 days from. (They will have to say the school register). Then ask the social worker if they are aware that a mark means one minute late etc etc.

    Go through a similar series of questions about getting them to prove your daughter wasn’t fed properly. Make them spell out every little detail, then argue each one to show it is a lie.

    Have you got a solicitor?

  78. Nattallia Says:

    I’m so pleased I have found this blog to have a moan, hopefully find some support and raise awareness for other parents regarding social services. My daughter was placed with her father after he applied to court for full custody. He had previously had no relationship with his daughter for 6 years on and off. A social worker recommended to a judge that she resided with her father as I was neglecting my daughter for food and education. Let me explain I was over my over draft at the time but my Nan was doing my online shopping for roughly 3 weeks I had evidence of this also at the time I had lost my job and was consequently suffering from depression re lack of money and not being able to afford to run a car so last winter we started walking to school a 45 minute walk needless to say we were late on a number of occasions whether I was 1 minute late or 20 minutes it was still marked as an absent session and totalled to 22 sessions. The social worker dealing with my daughter’s case at the time told the judge my daughter had had 22 days off of school (INCORRECT) and basically hadn’t been fed (INCORRECT) and consequently the judge ruled that she live with her father during the interim period of the final hearing. A year has now passed the case has dragged on because different social workers within a month said that my daughter should live with me then her dad then me again the judge was so confused she ordered and independent social worker to come and assess everybody involved in the case the final hearing is set in January when hopefully I will get my daughter back. I’d be interested to hear other people’s stories and any advice thanks!

  79. krazy Says:

    The social services are incompetent and liars, they do wreck lives and are constantly doing it, my whole family has been torn apart by them, they held secret meetings and from the beginning the were judge, jury and executioner. they did not look into any background, i had a solicitor but nothing ever happened only more letters etc. my case started 5 years ago, my family were destroyed through mallicious lies. i now have severe depression and mental problems
    some off you may ask me to write my story from the beggining but it is to indepth and painful to write on here. im an adult and it has affected me very severly, god only knows how its affected my girls? so for all of you that say its rubbish, it is not rubbish the social services are useless good for nothing condescending lying decieving incompetant hopeless trash they need a complete overhaul of their policies and procedures. look through newspapers there are children desperate for there help but they are left to die, What makes it more sad is that the social services are involved with these children, but they do nothing. yet they destroy innocent families then wash their hands its disgusting. This site may be some help to any other innocent families

    read the children act 1989 dont let them quote you stuff with out knowing the truth

    look through these cases there are 100s of children that have died at their hands

  80. harry Says:

    thanks for that

  81. Sonia Says:

    Dear Barry, I’m not sure what you should do. You need proper advice. You’ll probably have to wait out the investigation. Try and stay calm. Remember social workers are not very clever so don’t worry too much. Be co-operative but be careful not to say anything, however innocent and helpful, that could be used against you. Their biggest concern in my experience is justifying their own existence and protecting themselves, consequently they will go to great lengths not to be proved wrong no matter how ridiculous their allegations. I met a social worker who based all her views on child protection on that stupid book, ‘A Child Called It’. And another who decided that she would never allow her own children to go to hospital because of the Beverley Allitt case. In short, they are a bit mad, so handle with caution. I once, a long time ago, stupidly, contacted social services because I was concerned about a relative’s child. I gave my name and address because I wanted my concern to be regarded as authentic and I wished to be kept informed in case I could help in any way. I implicity told social services that my name was not to be revealed to anyone but they told the world and made the child’s problems 100 times worse by putting him with foster carers who were much worse than his own family in an area of the lowest possible standard. You can imagine the backlash I got and how sorry I was to be so naive.

  82. sick and tired Says:

    they drain us dry of all our money and joy. main objective, destroy the families, take all their money, get em down, keep em down.

  83. sick and tired Says:

    ozzy, you and boz are so right, they r just as sorry and hatfull here n america to.

  84. harry Says:

    a member of the social services as gone in to court in a case that does not involve me or my children and as told them that my daughter was sexualy abused with no proof of this since then i have been named for this alleged offence in the court proceedings and yet still not contacted in any way by them this is a false accusation and i am now worried of repercussions due to this as some of the partys involved live near myself and have spread the rumour so i now have been stopped from seeing my children and will have to move away even though it is being investagated and nothing proven as my daughter repeated wot she over herd me saying on the telephone what can i do about this as my life is now prity much over around were i have grown up all my life thanks

  85. smith magenis syndrome treatment Says:

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  86. Sonia Says:

    Hello, as a foster carer I met a lot of social workers and probably had a different kind of relationship with them than most of you posting here. BUT apart from one or two exceptions they were the most unstable, dysfunctional and weirdest people I have ever met. They all expected me to social work them. Yes, they told me all their problems, which I didn’t want to know. One turned up in a car that had been vandalised with paint stripper after a domestic. Another told me about her lap dancing daughter during a visit to check up on my own children’s academic records. The worst one left 3 pet dogs in a hot car. They suffocated and died but she claimed the poor dogs were ‘duff’. Ironically I was threatened with ‘termination’ for refusing to take a cat questionnaire seriously (yes, 24 questions about my cat). I met a foster carers’ trainer on a course called ‘Managing Teenagers’ who had abandoned her own young teenagers. Another’s teenager was living in hostel after the break-up of her parents’ (both social workers) marriage. And I met a homeless social worker at a college where she was trying to secure accommodation for a teenager in care. The most bizarre social worker changed his name, the impetus apparently being his new chosen name was the same as that of a murdered child of an infamous case. I did not want such people in my house and complained to social services frequently. Almost every social worker I met encouraged McDonald’s, KFC and other junk food and junk culture, as well as TV, Sky, play stations (with violent games) and computers in children’s bedrooms. I was accused of ‘depriving’ the child if I did not provide these things, and the foster child can demand to be removed to a ‘better’ place if they do not get what they want. That’s why private children’s homes, charging £3000 – £6500 per week per child, do whatever makes the child happy to keep the money coming in no matter how bad it is for the child. Also I was accused of ‘bullying’ a foster child for going berserk when he tried to drown (and almost succeeded) my 4 year old. My private life, health, home and family were scrutinised by social workers who were themselves a very low class of people, obese, smokers, drinkers, over materialistic, low intelligence, questionable morality and poor parents. I would advise the public not to get involved with these freaks if they can help it as they care only about justifying their own existence and are irrational, unreasonable and very nasty.

  87. Katie midyette Says:

    I am not a mother and I doubt I ever will b from the abuse when I was in my mothers care. (she did not and never will know about the abuse.) nobody kidnapped or hurt or raped me. They took me away from both of my abusers. They gave me a new life and a new future. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be in high school right now. I wouldn’t b able to go to college in 4 years or anything. I would b in the streets probably selling drugs and letting people rape me. But I’m not and I sure as hell will never b like that. You do not have to be sorry, yes some of them are bad. I know every single on in my dss and they would all lay down their life for me. They also had to have had probable cause for them to take ur children away. If there was a call they have to take them until Rey see that the home is safe for the children. I am sorry they took your children but think of it in their perspective. They hear of abuse an they want that child away so they won’t be hurt ever again. Even if it isn’t true there is no way that they could possibly know that it was full of shit. And foster care isn’t always bad. I used to think it was but now I’ve been in this home for more than a year and they haven’t kicked me out. I’m not a bad child I am just a rebel. I won’t let anyone control me. Ever. My own family kick ne out. Yet because of dss , I always have a placeto call home. I’m also sorry of I made u mad. That was not my intention. Good bye.

  88. Boz Says:


    You’re just bout right. Social workers are mostly inadequate, useless, lazy, harmful bastards.

    They are currently exhibiting all of those traits in a case I am involved in right now.

    I’m having some more dealings with these human detritus right now about something a bite different from child issues (except indirectly) and the way they behave just takes my breath away.

    I’ll get around to writing about it soon and I’m going to see how I can make the biggest possible stink about their repulsive behaviour.

  89. kraxein Says:

    having been in foster care for 12 years in the same placement, i can only say that of all the social workers i have met, only 2 of them were good people, everyone else were malicious scheming arseholes who just couldn’t comprehend happiness. they would spend meetings trying to shift credit from my foster carer to the school, my friends or themselves, although they stopped when i openly thanked my foster carer and told them it had nothing to do with them or my school, there were also times, when i stuck up for myself or my foster carer, when they threatened to have me moved, on no grounds, they are incompetent at their job, we have one social worker who hasn’t done a thing in three years and whenever she’s asked, she just complains, get’s aggressive or just ignores us, and it takes my social worker to get her to move her fat arse.

    then there was the driving course i was sent on, in which i was placed with a group of foster kids, how fun it was, sharing stories of the arseholes, one girl, got taken from a perfectly good foster carer, who looked after her and placed her with a drunk, when we had a break from driving, most students went out for a smoke, bearing in mind, they’re mainly 13-15, and i was the only one in the class, the teacher was confused and asked me if i did drugs, nope, smoke, nope, drink, maybe one or two at christmas, she kind of had to think for a second before shaking her head and leaving the room.

    going back to the time, they tried to move me, a few weeks later, a reviewing officer madea jab at me about it saying there was a chance i was being moved to which i repied, fucking try, i dare you, shut her up.

    then there was the time they wrote down malicious comments about my foster carer, which were very harsh and uncalled for.

    basically, anyone who tries to defend them can kiss my fat hairy, sweaty, cheesy arse, they deserve to be strung up and made to look like the scumbags they are, kidnapping children, ruining good lives, and just generally interfering with peoples business, they can fucking do one.

  90. Best Coffee Chains Says:

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  91. Laura Logan Says:

    Sorry Katie BUT the Majority of Social Workers are LIARS! They Twist, manipulate and make people out to be bad parents, Focusing on Crappy little situations rather than lookin at the problem at hand, My kids are now on the CP Register, as i clearly am to caught up in my own problems to focus on them! BULLSHIT!! the CP hearing was a fuckin waste of time, they never let me get ANYTHING across, their word was Final, it didnt matter what i said to defend myself, THEY RUIN PEOPLE’S LIVES perhaps if they learned to do their jobs properly and NOT bullshit everything to make them look like a caring helpful department then KIDS who really need the help wouldn’t be abused, murdered or raped in the first place! im all for them clamping down on child abuse but NOT making up the stories and removing kids from parents who wouldn’t lay a finger on them if they were paid the all the worlds money!!!!

  92. Katie midyette Says:

    Ok my name is Katie and I am in foster care right this very second. How can all of u tlk about all those social workers? Yes some of them or hatefull bitches but there is soo many others that care for us like we r their own child. My mother died when I was a little girl at the age of seven. Since them I have moved from family to family to fily to strangers and to strangers and yet again to strangers. I have been sexually abuse, betrayed, hurt and not able to trust anybody because of how I was raised. I grew upthinking there was nothing that would make me want to live. I was going to commute suicide at the age of fourteen. My social worker found out and she was the one who made me change my mind. She was the one who would always be the one who cried when my daddy died, when I was moving yet again. I refused to cry and here was a woman I only knew for around a year and she was crying for me and with me. She was crying because of the hurt I felt. She is like the mother I will never see untill I die. To end this I want to tell u all that r out there , give them a fucken brake. They do try to help us. They feed us , clothe us, give us a shelter. They have a very tough job and u should give them some fucken respect.
    If u r too loco to try to go in their shoes then u r the weakest person I don’t know. I’d like to see y’all try to handle the shit they see and have to deal with every week.

  93. Laura Logan Says:

    I am not ashamed to leave my name either. I split up with my violent and abusive husband last November. So Social Services got involved. They were here to help me move house and sort out access with my husband. the Referal that was made in November their first Visit was the end of January. First time they came i had asked my health Visitor to come along because tbh i was terrified. They came in WITHOUT informing me they would be coming, as the were *in the area* i’d had a pretty disasterous week, my husband had been in playing with my son but getting him worked up at the same time, so he had thrown a tantrum and tiped all his toys out, the majority of which had been cleaned up.. the carpet was moderatly clean as my hoover had broken BUT stil they were concerned for the risk of mice (im sorry but im sure i’d notice mice in my sitting room) as my son had spilt some crisps. They were also concerned as my kids had TOO many toys and they were a trip hazard!! ~But i agreed to tidy and remove some toys. done. i then (for good measure) spent 16 hour tidying. it still wasnt good enough. so 9 months later, stil nothing has been done about me moving. the apparently sent referals in but so far my points say otherwise. access has been ignored also. An incedent of another unnanounced Visit from my health worker the day after i had tidied, My dog had been ill and i had put a Doggy diaper on her and she was in her bed, myself and the kids hads spent the night before playing the Wii till late as it was the Summer holidays so we had a lie in. the HV returned to SW and told her my house was messy, unhygenic and the kids were unstimulated, unsupervised and dirty!!. My support worker who was sent to help me clear junk(god i hve so much rubbish jks) decided one day to moan at me to put my shower curtain back on the wall, after i persistantly told her it was BROKEN and i was in need of getting a new one, my back garden which the grass had oer grown was in dire state of needing tidied. ALL which has been done.My social worker who has not visited since MAY/ JUNE has decided that i am an unfit mother, i have been refered to the Childrens reporter(scotland) Who will get referals From my HEALTH VISITOR who never had a problem till SW were involved, my daughters school, and the SW herself. fair enough my daughter had been late for school a handful of times no later than 10 minutes due to misbehaving. BUT i am now terrified to death they are only wanting one thing, to take my kids! I HAVE NEVER O WILL EVER smack, shout, swear or neglect my kids, i would starve first i would walk to the end of the world for my babies.They Try to use my pets as and excuse, try to push depression on me, they are trying to bully me into rolling over and giving in, so this is my punishment?! I have involved my local MP and WILL not think twice about contacting the press! All i want to do is move house and be near my family (im 25 miles away from my mum, i dont drive either and the buses are rubish) I will be going to see a solicitor BUT whn do i do that > NOW or when the s**t hits the fan>? i cannot bear the though of my kids being sent to live with strangers, it breaks my heart!, i have no writen proof of ANYTHING i have said or decided at any meeting, i’;ve NEVER signed anyting and my social worker goes behind my back arranging things then DROPS them on me when im not expecting it. she arranges meetings the doesnt turn up without informing me either and EVERYTIME want to get in touch with her she’s either on holiday of training? My *support worker* said infront of 2 withnesses she was going to RECOMMED I DI+DNT NEED A REFERAL and then because my phone was broken and i couldnt get in touch (she has my mums number and i was staying with her so y not phone her??) I AM NOT COOPERATING>???? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE FOR ME? OTHER THAN MAKE MY LIFE A NIGHTMARE? any advice you could give me i would be grateful for. Thanks *sorry for the length lol*

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  95. disappointed Says:


    I used to have great respect for social workers until I ended up working with them. I have since discovered that many (not all) lie to their clients, pass the buck and are, in general, a bunch of useless wankers.

  96. kerry smith Says:

    hi im not ashamed of leaving my name at all my name is kerry smith, i have four beautiful child 3 boys and one girl my boys are aged 11,10 and 4 and my daughter is 6 my youngest son JJ is registered disabled he is a suffered of fragile x syndrome and epilepsy he takes two forms of medication and can have anything between 15-30 seizuires a day my trouble with social services began years ago back when my first son wa born in 2000 social services claire alford east area team brighton made reports of domestic violence this was the case but in 2005 my children was removed from the CPR (child protection register) but recently they have been placed back on it as felt i had no choice but to leave my husband due to the domestic violence,alcohol, and drug abuse i met a new partner whom was infact female obviously puttng me in the bisexual catogary i felt safe and the children were well looked after by myself and my partner unfortunately a malicious report was made which resultedin me having my four children removed and placed into the care of there violent drug and alcohol dependent father this distress my children it took 8 weeks before i was allowed my children home for a weekend stay only and in the 8 weeks i had been allowed only one hour contact via a contact center that was then no the situation has changed i have a social worker called van sailsbury of the west area team hove east susex and she is very sly and very homophobic or so it sems she has done her best to ignore my concerns of my ex husbands care of my children and has ignore my daughter when she told her daddy cut her lip with a razor she has overlooked the fact that my disabled son was completely alone and fell down the stairs at my husbands house whilst in his care causing my son jj age 4 (disabled) to split his prenulum and severe bruising to his face and cuts this would be neglect i would say but they tried to place this on me when it was clearly at my husbands property and i was not present my problems developed somewhat when i brought new GRACO BOOSTER SEATS which caused bruising to jjs back on the lower region i was told by the social worker this was suspicious it was proven that it was the carseats but still van sailsbury issued me with a threat to say that she was warning me not to push te system i didnt understand until i had a phone call telling me i was in court the following week as the wanted to remove jj from my care into foster placement i have managed to fight this case and keep him but have strict rules and no life i have a curfew my childrens life are ruined we are back in court next week to see what happens with my daughter and my 10yr old son,im sorry this was long winded but my ex husband is getting away with everything because he is STRAIGHT not GAY OR BISEXUAL and my husband back in 2003 pulled my son who is now 10yrs his arm outa his socket and my daughter her elbow outta her socket when she was only 5 months old hes vile but the social services seems to be very fond of him .

  97. Ozzy Says:

    Clearly social workers regard Yorkshire as a no go area. How pathetic is that.

  98. Ozzy Says:

    They really are incredible liars who are protected beyond belief.

  99. Boz Says:


    Why don’t you write down the whole story in detail, right from the beginning ?

    All the details; i.e. the exact nature of the claim being made by the anonymous caller, for instance. Also what things the social services invented etc. followed by all the details of exactly what then happened. And put down what your lawyers had to say too.

    I could make sure it gets a bit of coverage.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    i cant say who i am but social work COWDENBEATH fife have ruined mine and my daughters life.PHIL QUINLAN HEAD OF CP AND ROS MCIVER i still have my daughter she is 5 now when she was 3 and a half someone made an anonymous complaint to social work and before i knew it they had invented things apparently i had a months worth of dishes in my sink according to them i couldnt fit that many in my kitchen let alone my sink we had just had breakfast when they turned up unnanouncced for the 5th time that week once they couldnt fault my house they said i was emotionally abusing her despite not having any proof of this. they put her on the child protection register for 12 weeks and since then my life has been hell everytime she has the docs etc it flags up previous child protection risk. i cant get away from that despite being a good mum also i challenged them i went from having my child seen every week to no social work contact at all and do you know why because i kept notes stood up for myself challenged them at every turn anthreatened they didnt like that also i got a good legal team who threatened them with court if they couldnt come up with reasons that were justified to put her on that register 12 weeks later she was off it. 2 years later i take panic attacks when my door goes im very fussy what i feed her and also what i send her to school wearing. i live in fear that they will come back and try again and i never gave up thats the key get politicians involved 2 if you have too and the papers.

  101. loser Says:


    It’s no good mentioning news items just by mentioning the date when something happened.

    You have to provide a link or something so we can go and actually look at what you are talking about.

  102. Ozzy Says:

    Oh look. And Another (23/06/11)

  103. ozzy Says:

    Oh look whats in the news today (13/05/11). Another child dead where social workers could have intervened.

  104. not giving our realy name Says:

    weve got a 14 year old son who keeps asking to come home hes in care hes been there for a quite some time we went to see a solicitor and the solicitor said going to be on unlikely to get im back can any body give us some advice to get im back with us or help thankyou

  105. not giving our realy name Says:

    weve got a 14 year old daughter she is in foster care and as been for a quite some time she is slowly forgetting us her 2 parents she treating her foster career as her real mom as shes not her mom we offered to buy her things on her visit with us but she not excepting things of us only the foster career we don’t no what to do can anyone help please all this comes down to is one of the scum social worker she was taken of us because weve got a learning disability

  106. ozzy Says:

    Anna, that takes a lot of guts to come out with that. I admire your honesty.
    I wish more of the people in charge of the social work departments and who are responsible for many important decisions had half your integrity.

  107. AnonimousME Says:

    Hi all. I was placed in fostercare when i was 11 because my mum had a stroke and was unable to look after me and my 2 siblings. i was in and out of care. backwards and forward between foster placements, my mums house and friends houses for 5 years, my mums condition got worse when she had her 2’nd stroke, my mum kept placing me in foster care and then taking me out again. I had god knows how many social workers some of which i met and some i didn’t. when i was 15 i got a letter from social services saying they are no longer having any dealings with me (despite the fact that they had perental responcabilty of me until i was 18) I thought that was it. no more dealings ment they wernt going to be in my life anymore so i could get on with my life. well that is what i thought. when i was 16 i met my partner who i am still with and who is alot older than me. i am very much in love with him and don’t see any problem with us being together. My sister who was in foster care at the same time as me has unfortunately had her 4 children taken away from her because the man she was with at the time was violent. she has the same last name as me so therefore the name is well known to Social services. recently my neice (by another sister) made alligations towards her step-father and decided for some unknown reason to involve me saying that something happened between me and her step father when i was 15 which is completly untrue, I don’t know why she is doing this but she has also told social services that i got together with my partner when i was 15 which is again untrue becuse i was 16. I can’t really say much more as regard to background as it is going to court. My partner and I did take care of my neices youger sister for 2 months, we got her registered at doctors, dentist. optitions and fourt an appeal for a school which we won, got her the full school uniform and she started school. we had a better “careplan” than social services when they last went to court for a interim care order. the social worker was cought Lying twice on the stand by the judge and still we lost. social services said they could not do an assessment on my partner and I while the child is staying with us, which is completely untrue beause we did tons of research and there is nothing in law that says the child has to be removed in order to do an assesment.

    but my biggest concern is will i ever be able to have a child of my own without social services taking it way from me.

    can they really take my unconceived future children away from me because of my last name and because i have been in foster care.

  108. Boz Says:

    Well said Anna – you are absolutely right !

  109. anna Says:

    I started training as a social worker and sadly, agree that there is a lot a blatant incompetence in both practice and education. The training is wholly inadequate for anything more than support work. And the caliber of the people accepted onto social work courses shockingly low. So it does not surprise me that so much irreversible damage has been done by public-funded social workers. Unfortunately, if you speak out about what you can clearly see as failings of social work training and practice, you are ostracized by colleagues who refuse to co-operate with you, putting not only you in a difficult position, but also compromising the quality of service delivery given to the very people whom need high standards. Many social workers, in my opinion simply lack emotional maturity and intelligence. Although there may be good social workers these are few and far between. The majority should have never been given these positions with such a high degree of power and decision making. They simply are too inadequate to make well balance and informed decisions. They are often sloppy and slack in their assessments and work on vague (and sometimes wholly inaccurate) ‘gut feelings’ rather than tangible evidence. This can lead to inappropriate decision-making than can only too often lead to irreversibly ruining peoples lives. A mantra they would be wise to teach on the social work courses is that ‘Bad social work ruins lives!’. Its as simple and as complicated as that!

  110. Boz Says:

    From my experience about similar cases my advice is this.

    If you ‘get back together’ with your partner now the social services will definitely take your child away.

    So the first thing to do is NOT to be in contact with him at the moment for this very reason.

    The second thing to do is to speak to social services and ask them how to go about the process of getting back together.

    I don’t know the nature of the domestic violence, the degree or how much it actually harmed you or your child. It might have been relatively trivial, or it might have been far more serious.

    If trivial you should have no problem. I would also suggest you try and get legal advice, as all these things require lawyers to tell you what the law says you can or cannot do about social services interferences.

    Can you tell me what exactly was the nature of the domestic violence. I ask because many cases are quite trivial, but hyped up, and so if nothing desperately bad happened you should be OK but only if you do it through social services and ‘cooperate’ with them.

  111. sidders2 Says:

    An interesting and relevant article in The Telegraph –

  112. omg Says:

    i just postes the add above y has my email on there what can i do to remove it it said it woould not be pulished can my email be removed please

  113. Anonymous M says Says:

    i cant give my name but im in a situation with social serviecs in birmingham. i was in a relationship were there was domestic violence i was pregnant at the time when i had my daughter social services took her for a week they then put me and my daughter in a residential asesment unit i have now passed and am due to go home but my partner and i are not aloud contact he wants to be involved and we have now learnt from our mistakes we want to live together and e a family but social services said if i get back with him they will take my baby i need help as to what to do we love each other out our baby and just want a chance is there anyway around this i need help

    thank you

  114. sakrishan Says:

    I have just started to trust my children’s social worker, i thought we would be on more an even level and things was starting to get a bit better. However over the last few weeks she become very critical over what i say or do with the children and she has had a few conversations with my family members and then for whatever reason she has decided not to tell me about them. I find this extremely odd family members will always tell you whats going on as they tend to worry about you, and socail workers always say they are going to be straight with you, then completely use policies to undermind you. whos be true

  115. Ozzy Says:

    To Karla. Hope your petition is gaining numbers.
    You are absolutely right to contest this decsion by the social workers.
    It might be an idea to voice your disapproval by also stating that putting the child into foster care is not a sound option in that foster carers can easily be deregistered or simply leave through their own choice which means the very real prospect of a child with very demanding needs being left in an extremely vulnerable position and open to being ‘passed round the system’ if the carers decide that they cannot cope.
    It is a requirement for social services not to impede the delivery of safe care through inadequate resources and they are required to work with relevant authorities to address such issues.
    In other words, too bad if its going to cost them more. They are required by law to provide a level of care that is apporopriate to the needs of the child which in this case seems very demanding and well outwith the abilities of typical carers who would look after disabled children.

  116. karla Says:

    sorry petition link is thanks x

  117. karla Says:

    please read my son’s story at and if you feel the my family and 256 others who have signed the petition are right please sign yourselves! Thank you in anticipation, Karla x

  118. anon Says:

    Christine, get legal help, i am so sorry for what you are going through. I hope you fight them all the way hun and win. They aint a service to anyone….. Social interference!!! Not a service a pain, something no one needs as even with solid evidence in front of them.. (think baby p case etc.) They still cant do the job they are meant to, it’s just easier for them to pass the buck and hassle innocent people.

    These are simple the scum of the earth and couldnt do the job right even if they were to be taught it in baby steps….. Heartless scum bastards.

  119. anon Says:

    Ohhh it feels so good to get things off my chest and get it on here, just how bad I feel.

    They are the most disgusting jumped up pieces of dirt I have ever come across and the attitudes change according to how many poxy sugars they have had in their tea!! Arghhhh it’s just so wrong. They need proper training and also anger mangement courses for these people wouldnt go amiss if you ask me, as she is one angry biatch lol!!!

  120. anon Says:

    Currently, I have found myself and children under social service investigation, through a spiteful ex. It is shocking at just how obnoxious the social worker dealing with this case is!

    I myself am not under any investigation but she treats me like dirt. It is unbelieveable how incompetent she actually is, so far as going and telling the kids they are safer with their dad, and they can go to school there etc etc.. I really need to change the social worker as this case is never going to get any better with her involved.

    She has twisted my words, so i have started to write down everything. If it needs be I will put everything into a letter and send it to a higher authourity as she is so rude.

    I feel so bad as it is already without miss attitude problem jumping down my throat at every oppertunity.

    I also have sorted out a solicitor as I simply cannot talk to this woman any more!! She tries to undermine me at every given chance and I simply don’t see how she has ever been able to work in the area she does. She simply is not competent and I really don’t want her speaking to my children. I so hope I can get this case passed to someone else asap.

    I am shocked and appauled by the treatment I have received but I don’t think she yet realises quite how much!!!!

  121. E. Drum Says:

    I cannot read all the blogs because It Will Bring Back Bad Memories, however I completely agree with what the person at the top said, – it sounds exactly like the social services’ interactions with my family over 5 years +
    I can read advice of how to deal with them now that we’re over the worst of it and think: at the time it was so irrational that I coud not TAKE an advice. Now I am studying law and how to stop people like that having permission to enter people’s homes. And how to stop people who are like that from getting jobs that allow them to, and how to stop the supposed training they are given

  122. ozzy Says:

    To Christine

    Don’t sign or agree to anything these bastards try and force you to agree to.
    You NEED to get legal aid and speak to a lawyer.
    Unless your children were actually in danger then i would find it very unfair that your kids were taken on nothing more than the ‘feeelings’ of the social work.
    They are heartless scumbags. If you contest their action through the court and don’t enter into any agreements with the social workers, then you may get your kids back sooner rather than later.
    Very best of luck.

  123. christine Says:

    i am currently living in limbo due to undiagnosed mental health issues i had my 5 children taken from me and now they are using my past and mental health issues to take my unborn baby boy away from me can anyone help me

  124. grandmother Says:

    Phrasing! Spelling error above lol

  125. grandmother Says:

    oh yes social workers DO just make assumptions and its left to the family to prove otherwise. They hide under the pfrasing ‘its not quite clear’ and carry on under the assumption therefore that ‘ther may be concerns’. I dont mean to sound abnoxious here, but are you studying to be a social worker Boz? The only people I hear defending them are fellow social workers or the naive!
    I caught the 26yr no children social worker out a beauty. Its very convenient to fabricate what the foster parents reports to the social worker, but foster parents (and i take my hat of to them) will happily tell THE TRUTH and unwittingly show the social workers to be the liars that they are. It was rather nice to see her squirm when I calmy confronted her and her senior about the contradicting reports in front of the panel members, health visitors, foster parent and nursery teachers.
    You are absolutely right Ozzy, scrutinse all the reports sent out to you and APPEAL any errors so that it is documented. P.S. I know its illegal to record someone without their knowledge and it cant be used as evidence in court buuut does anyone know if it is ok to record a conversation and then write it down as minutes, with the date, time meeting was held and who attended that meeting? Im sure this method legally acceptable!!! I found a great dictaphone in Argos I might just buy. Two can play their underhanded game 8-)))

  126. Boz Says:


    Why did the social workers get involved with you three months ago ? And if the teenager made an allegation it means absolutely nothing until proved. I mean, whatever the allegation, social services can’t just assume it is true. Can you explain a bit about what happened, so it makes a bit more sense ?

    And be careful of any legal advice, as lawyers often take the side of social services.

  127. ozzy Says:

    Everybody needs to know how the Social Services operate.
    It is a scandal that they can hide under the banner of being a ‘Caring’ organisation when it is evidently clear that they have a much darker side that ordinary members of the public just wouldn’t believe.

    I urge everybody to post something on the site that i have mentioned above and just maybe somebody in govermnent will take notice and expose these people for the liars and home wreckers that they are.

  128. wot to say Says:

    omg we moved area and took ss with us our life has improved so much kids happy, doing well at school all is positive until today. They have twisted things, made assumptions, not completed work and today we are told seeking legal advise to remove my partner from the house. So they are ready to make me a single mum, hows that fair we have a very supportive network but life without dad isnt the family my kids need. All because of an allegation which was made by a jealous teenager against him. We all love each other so much and it will tear us apart if they get their way. Only one social worker seems to be influencing the whole way the case is going and they have only known us 3 months. We have sought legal advice and are not going down without a fight we have worked too hard with our kids but its tough, you feel very alone in the world so nice to hopefully find some support in this dark time.

  129. ozzy Says:

    I wonder if anyone on this site who has had a bad experience would maybe contribute something to this site also.

    It would be good if someone in local government got an idea of what the social work is REALLY like.

    You may have to copy and paste the link.

  130. sid Says:

    i have bath socail services telling lies and making falseallegtions,they have told my father its nothing to do with himas well.they have with held information about my children then dropped it in my ap at a meeting
    i never thought that they could get away with it but gob smacked at what lengths they go to get what they want

  131. sidders2 Says:

    Social Services are absolute, pure and utter CUNTS.

    Do not let them scare or fool you into thinking they have more power and control over you than they actually do. They rely on this tactic in order to force compliance from the people they are supposedly trying to ‘help’. Their favourite threat being the removal of your children – something i guarantee they will never again try with me!

    My best advice is do your homework! Read up on all the law and legislation relative to your circumstance. One thing SS really hate is someone who empowers themselves with this knowledge, and fires it right back at them!

    Good luck and very very very heartfelt best wishes to anyone who has the severe misfortune of having to deal with these bureaucratic, family-wrecking crusaders of the modern world.

  132. ozzy Says:

    I absolutely agree with you grandmother.
    They really are viscious arrogant know it alls who actually do nothing but cause more harm than good.

  133. grandmother Says:

    Its comforting to have found this site but tainted with a sense of dismay, for i just keep reading about how social workers are not answerable to anyone!
    My grandkids were ripped out of my arms and their mothers arms in the street. When i asked what the hell they thought they were doing, i was told “this doesnt concern you”!! They had no idea i was the kids gran. I wondered why they didnt bother to look to the family to see if any solutions could be found before ripping a 2yr old and a 4yr old from their family, literally.
    As seems to be the common case, the ‘social worker’ dealing with this case is only 2yrs older than the childrens father, she has no kids of her own and her mother still does her laundry for her, no lie, and shes torn our kids from our family! As if she has an inkling of how to raise kids!? If i had the money, id gladly pay to have someone inflict her with the same slow torturous pain + heartache she is inflicting on so many members of this family.
    They can and do twist statements made in ‘meetings’, pretending they’re trying to help you and are on side, then when you attend a panel, carefully selected sections of the conversation are flung back at you and made to sound much worse (to strengthen their reasoning for snatchin kids). Sooo, this then results in a frustrated father who has not been allowed ANY contact for 3mths, no phonecalls no access nothing and they make it a ‘condition’ that police are present at any future meetings as they feel threatened. What parent in their right mind wouldnt get frustrated with a stupid little twat stealing your kids then dictating how you should act. Not to mention the holidays they conveniently take. Im not opposed to them getting there holidays but shouldnt provisions be made for their work load while they’re away having a lovely break, leaving us to deal with ‘duty social workers’ that havnt got a clue.
    We were recently told that our kids foster parents are due to go on holiday to America in 3wks time. So whats happening with our kids, well turns out, no potential foster carers have been found or introduced to our kids and with 3wks left, Im distraught, wondering who the hell our kids are gony be shoved onto, another strange house, strange people, and what angers me soooo much is that these incompetent twats have the audacity to state that one of the reasons the kids were removed was for their parents mentally abusing them, amongst other accusations. The impact of what they are doing must surely be more mentally abusive.
    We have caught them out lying but are keeping our discovery logged to use when they’ll least expect it and hope it makes an impact at the right opportunity. Doubt it though. Im merely spouting of and venting some of my frustrations but ive merely scraped the surface. I despise social workers, i suspect there must be the odd one or two out there that are ‘good’ at their job but, like the police, i suspect many of them will start out with good intentions but soon become as corrupted as the rest. Good luck to all of you out there fighting against these family wreckers.

  134. Ozzy Says:

    Well said Boz. Having read all the posts on this subject it is clear that many of the people who have expressed their feelings on this matter are obviously intelligent individuals who have given proper examples of social work harrasment and intimidation tactics.

    It is incredible and extremely worrying that these people can operate in the way they do without seemingly any other authorities watching over them.

    I find it unbelievable that many of the decisions made by social workers which have a profound effect on peoples lives, are simply based on opinions and not facts.

    It is interesting to note that whenever people put up a strong argument against the social workers it seems that the department becomes hellbent on destroying that person.

    I imagine they are perhaps used to dealing with weaker individuals who are unable to fight their corner, or maybe addicts of one sort or another.

    Whenever they are faced with a person who can put up an intelligent argument against them, they are stumped.
    They will then have numerous meetings to discuss how they can come up with something to pin blame on that person where there is no evidence of any wrongdoing.

    They think people are so stupid that we don’t know how they collude with ‘partner agencies’ so that they can get their false stories verified by another department that they are in bed with.

    They are also hypocrites beyond belief.

    They will go on about how important it is for a child to have a stable environment and to have people around them that are consistent in their lives. They will however seek to reduce the contact a child has with its mother on something as pathetic as ‘they don’t think that the contact is beneficial enough because mum has got low intellect’.

    It doesn’t matter if the mum or the child want to see more of each other–its what the social worker decides.

    They are nasty people with all the emotions of a walnut.

  135. Boz Says:

    Bella Dear,

    It is the height of ignorance for people to say you cannot criticise something unless you can do it yourself !

    I can say a piece of music is rubbish because it sounds downright nasty, but I can’t write a note of music or play an instrument myself at all.

    So, you don’t have to have worked as a social worker to know that many social workers are lazy, incompetent, politically correct morons who do more damage than good.

    I personally know of a social worker who was lazy, incompetent, stupid, moronic, dishonest and a liar.

    His name was Conrad Barzey, social worker for Haringey Council in about 2000. He lied when writing a report when he was employed by that idiot, incompetent Haringey Council which seems to specialise in supervising Child abuse, torture and death.

    And seeing as how I was actually singled out by a family court Judge for praise as an excellent father and my son’s mother was never accused of bad parenting by anyone, it beggars belief that I was threatened with having my son adopted ‘if I didn’t co-operative with social services’ when they broke the law and illegally interfered in an entirely private court case brought by me with the agreement of my son’s mother to get a court to legally sanction our agreed custody arrangement.

    Everything – without exception – that Haringey and North Wales social services did in that case was wrong or illegal or devious or dishonest or destructive.

    They were a nasty, venal bunch of politically correct, controlling, jobsworth morons who were very quick to threaten or abuse and generally throw their weight around. They thought nothing of lying to the Family Court and were abusive and downright unpleasant specimens of human low life.

    They did absolutely no good at all, but did do an enormous amount of harm.

    That was my own experience; and I can substantiate every word of what I have said and will soon be putting the entire story in the public domain as an example of how incompetent Social Workers very often are, particularly whole social worker departments in deviant councils like Haringey and North Wales, both of which have a long reputation of overseeing the very worst kinds of child abuse, injury and death.

    It has often been the case that Social workers have been directly accused by children in their care of being pedophiles – particularly in North Wales where boys in care said they were routinely raped and sexually abused by social workers.

  136. Ozzy Says:

    Oh i can assure you i’m not talking rubbish.

  137. bella Says:

    ur talking absolute rubbish why dont u have a go at social work..

  138. Ozzy Says:

    Hi Boz. The problem arose when i had the need to ask for assistance when a child in placement who had been progresssing wonderfully became the punchbag of another child who was placed with me.
    The information that was given to me about this child was utterly false and when i complained to that effect, they obviously didn’t take kindly to it.
    There was serious incidents that were reported but never acted on.
    The school even reported serious problems to the social workers but again nothing was done.
    It is very obvious that the policy of the social work department when placing children with carers is ‘put up and shut up’.
    The child that was doing well is now regressing badly educationally and mentally and i have not been allowed to see this child to even say a proper goodbye.
    It is utterly heartbreaking and it has torn me apart.
    Social workers seem totally switched off to the problems they leave in their wake and i have nothing but contempt for them.

  139. Boz Says:

    Ozzy, In what way were you not licking their hindquarters ?

  140. Ozzy Says:

    Social workers are the scum of the earth.
    I used to be a foster carer until i had a dispute with the social workers over lack of support.
    Because obviously i wasn’t licking the hind quarters of the department, i was pulled up in front of a panel and de-registered for being unable to work as part of a team.
    A child who was in my care was subsequently moved away and it has traumatised myself to the point i am now receiving pyschiatric treatment.
    They are truly dispicable people and i can assure you that they do not have the childs interests at heart in any way.
    They are untouchable as far as there is no fair appeal system and once they decide to de-register a carer, there is nothing you can do about it.
    I could never recommend fostering now to anyone as the social workers are the worlds worst people to have to deal with.

  141. dafydd209 Says:

    Thank you Jane I did take a look at the conference in Stafford blogs. Very interesting and I’m glad this is being brough to peoples attention.

  142. anon Says:

    dafydd google child snatching by the state conference i organised in staffs contact me

  143. Dafydd Says:

    Reading some of the accounts here does not suprise me at all, after meeting my current partner who was previously in a abusive relationship.

    She was reported to the police/social services after an incicent involving one of her children that took place.

    Her son was caught playing with matches and after signs of scorch marks were found under his younger sisters bed and around the house caught him attempting to set fire to a matress and was smacked.

    At a later date her partner decided to use this against her and involved the authorities who decided that he and her other 2 children were at ‘risk’ of abuse.

    After a very painful legal battle social services recomended the children reside with her alchoholic ex partner, who has since told the eldest boy (10) that he doesn’t want anything to do with him and he then came to live with us!

    We have just had a child together and during the pregnancy we discovered texts he had been sending ‘Liam’ instructing him to ‘kick his mother in the stomach’ etc and he still to this day texts her with ‘so you’ve had that then’ etc, he even refused to let her speak to her daughter on mothers day.

    Our newborn son has now been subject to a ‘safeguard’ order and a member of Staffordshire social services ‘handles’ the supervision, frequently she turns up at 9 am unannounced with comments such as ‘I’m just spot checking to see if your drunk’.

    This social worker has left my partner in state of constant anxiety and after discovering her at the house alone with the baby shouted at her ‘your not allowed to be alone with your baby at any time, in case you are drunk and kill him’! Also she constantly threatens her with comments such as ‘I really don’t want to have to place him in protection order’ etc.

    She has also insisted myself and all her family were police checked and maintains she must never be left alone with our son at any time, but its ok for her to take the baby into the bath with her!

    Whilst I can understand if a child was in danger then perhaps strict monitoring be in place I sincerely believe this is not such a case, and know she would never even consider harming or allowing ANY of her children to be harmed.

    By their own admissions Staffordshire social services have stated ‘where only going on what your ex partner has told us’ who is hell bent on destroying her life anyway he can and even threatened her several times, previously he warned hr ‘if ever you leave me I will make you pay’.

    Recently there was an terrible incident locally where a mother lost both her young children in a house fire, herslf was found screaming and on fire unable to get back into the house to save her children from being burnt to death, I fully support my partners decision and actions taken at disciplining her son when she did, but as a result of her ex’s vindictive and malicious actions now has reduced her to a shadow of the person she once was.

    In no way have they helped us, we really do not know what to do or who we can turn to. Everyday now I have to re-assure her that her ability to raise a child without ‘killing’ him/her is beyond question, and Staffordshire social services have created this incredible fear, every single day to day task is done with so much care as to not give them any cause for concern, they have us on constantly at our wits end and her jumping through hoops in an attempt to please THEM.

    Today I discovered, after again receiving unfounded information from her ex, ARRANGED an appointment for my son to attend a Dr’s to recieve a hepatitis b injection, 4pm, ‘you must take him’.

    I attended the appointment with her and TOLD the Dr we will not have dictated or decided for us what is best for our son, we didnt even have any chance to discuss this together and if I had not intervened my 3 week old son would have probably ended up screaming his little head of all day and night just beacuase of some social services bitch believing we would allow our son to come into contact with anything that would cause this infection.

    we do not plan to abscond to India or Africa, and we certainly do not plan to have him any where near ‘dirty needles’! (as the Dr described!!!). I cannot express what impact this has had on her, and all of it created by a seriously unbalanced ex partner.

    I found this site after hours of searching, for just anything that may help, or advise us, we really do not know how to procede, there is not ‘help’ or complainst procedure I can find to raise the issues we have with this social services woman, she even grabbed and squeezed my partners breast during breast feeding and hurt her ‘do it like this’, ffs she’s had 4 children! Please help, anyone 😦

  144. Anonymous Says:

    To the person that said this is unfounded shit.. I am a 14 year old that is being abused by Social Workers. I get sick very often and cant go to school on some days, some days of course I don’t want to but I am being harassed. They scar’d me for life, scaring me into going to school, saying if I don’t go i’ll be taken away from my family, that i’d have to take outside counciling. I feel that if your forced to go somewhere, you should be able to miss as many days as you want. Think about it, I never chose to go to school, it was chosen for me.

    I want an education, but I also want a NORMAL education, with nobody crawling up my ass about me missing days of school because I don’t want to go there… the amount of pressure thats on my parents is enormous, I don’t think they or my brother love me anymore, and im scared of the future… i’m afraid of what they’ll do.

  145. Omar Lowe Says:

    Im 15 and in care because the social services THOUGHT their was abuse, Dispite telling them that it was not the case. They made that judgment just because I had gone to hospital a few times (im accident prone) and non of the injuries as confessed by the doctor where consistent with any form of abuse? The social services have spent i dont know how much moving me from piller to post when there is babies out their requiring the care! i hate it when people say the social services are doing services for children, iv not been in anyform of education scince Sep. 2010!!! this shows something. So when people say the social services are good? Bullshit there run by money grabbing idiots. Join my FB group to spread awarness:

  146. Anonymous Says:

    half of the social work dont even have any children what do they know about parenting!

  147. well looked after kids mum ! Says:

    I have never came across such rodents in society, i am now a single mum of three due to social work involvment they blew our family apart & done not a single thing to help with their total distruction to our life,i’ve had an upward struggle with dsw -scotland-since march 09 ,27 points in a cf cyp assessment have been wrongly recorded they could’t even get my kid’s dob correct nor their sex,but is anyone listening to what we as good parents have to say NO! My children have been fortunate in life to never have suffered in the hands of any abusive preditor they are all well looked after kids ,my eldest son who is 15yrs has never even been on a bus on his own,they are all doing well at school have never had any behaviour prpblems in their life,i do not smoke,never taken any drugs in my life only occaasional alcohol is taken as i never go out without my kids & still i’m failing as a mother !NEGLECT is a preposterous word to describe a mother who would give her life for her kids why does’nt any one want to listen to the real parents who care about their kids ,i’ve been threatend on more than one occassion that my kids will be removed from me and for WHAT ,I WANT ANSWERS, WHY CAN’T SW LISTEN TO THE TRUTH RATHER THAN MADE UP LIES,MOST OF THEM MADE UP BY SW!!!!!

  148. Anonymous Says:

    It’s pathetic that these people are apparently getting paid for this. I’m pretty sure more committed sadists would do it for free.

    I haven’t had much experience with vthe social services but when I rang them a very polite person spoke to me for exactly 0.83 seconds before handing me over to a ‘specialized’ adviser.

    It this adviser was specialized it certainly wasn’t in her soliliquisation, she was very rough, aggressive and threatening. She told me that she was suppost to write down everything I said but often when she read it back to me what she read it after she’d completely misquoted me or just blankly fabricated horseshit for the apparently exhaulted purpose (for a social worker) of contacting my family, school and then getting me in more of a mess than it was worth.

    They’ll latch onto you like a leech not to suck, but to leave a nice waterborne illness for you to deal with yourself… they’re pathetic

  149. Anonymous Says:

    2 cases in derby were handled very wrong indeed … they are a shameful bunch social services and are inhumane they do destroy peoples lives and they would rather pay strangers instead of helping the people involved which in some cases could easily be resolved shame on them the more people speak up the better

  150. only me, Says:

    Social workers, I honestly believed that they had one of the bad jobs in modern society, that there only purpose was to help, help those who could not help them selves, the old the infirm, the children ………. God dam liars, filthy disgusting **** family wreckers, I had never had any dealing with these things until recently, I believed what I was told, I have been treated like a criminal, denied access to my children, with no recourse, these things are evil, do not trust them at any level, they will lie to you, remove your children form you, conspire against you, these things will not help you, they will only destroy, and at the end they go home to the people they love…. But not you, you must suffer, and it all in the child’s best interest…….. i fully expect to be arrested in the next few day’s on trumped up charges, lies and false allegations, but this will be ok, as I can sue the police, but you can not touch the SS

    Its is not a coincidence that Hitler also used the SS, to destroy families
    Proverbs12.22 – Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord.
    Please under stand, you must not play in to there hands, vengeance is not yours, justice will be done. For all that they have put innocent and good people through, they will be judged,
    Psalm101.7 – No man who practices deceit shall dwell in my house; no man who utters lies shall continue in my presence.
    Fight but Fight justly, do not allow them to drag you down to there gutter level, the truth shall win out.
    And I shall leave you with this, its a little story, from Germany, I think that you can guess the time it was penned……..
    They came for the old and unable, but I was young and fit so I said nothing…
    Then they came for the gypsies, but I was not a gypsy, so I said nothing……….
    Then they came for the Jews, but I am a Christian, so I said nothing…………
    Then they came for the teachers, but I am a simple man, so I said nothing….
    Then they came for me, and there was no one left to say anything.
    For your sake, for all our sake FIGHT!
    John8:32 – Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
    I could write on and on, but I said I would stop, so stop I will, but every letter, on every web site I have found, has given me hope,(and I wish to thank all of them people from the bottom of my heart, thank you) I know its only hope, but I started this with nothing, they have taken every thing away from me, but I have managed to find hope again, and just this hope at the moment feels fantastic.

  151. mr help Says:

    Hi my name is not important but the help I can give is very important. I am an ambulance man working for 25 years and have been all over the world seen most things but when my girl friend was ill the social services descended upon the family. The social services bobbled the case resulting in the girl friend loosing the child to the girls mum.
    Here is the most important advice you will ever get when you have the social services coming in to your life
    The social services do have all the powers and funds to do as they wish so do not think you can tack them on or refuse there involvements. What you can do is
    Get a solicitor in place as soon as you can to save time if there is a rick you are going to court and the solicitor will give you advice and guidance but use this time sparingly as you are only given 1.000 of legal aid so do as much as you can yourself.
    Look on the net for advocacy services or ask you local liberty for help finding the services you can help with social services.
    Do your home works find out what social services have on you and see if you can get to the bottom of the referral or what has started the prose’s.
    Find professionals you like and have good relations with like your doctor or health visitor see if there happy with you and get them involved as to give positive information on you and the family.
    Think of the family and get help from your relations if this is possible familys do com together in a time of need and see what support there is there.
    If it is not written down it never happened so the most impotent thing is write it down everything all meetings all information all the things that you have done that is good positive and will help you. This will be lost by the social services so keep a very good record of everything.
    If your records are better kept than the social services you are in a better position if it is in a court so be strict with times data and what happened. As if a professional stated you are doing something good get it in writing document it as if you do not well it never happened or was sed.
    When you get reports from the social services read them very carefully look at it as this information could be damming. Mark out all the things you do not agree with and send a letter as to what you think your side of things. the reports are legal documents. Important to keep up with this as if you do not challenge or correct the reports the document will stand.
    At all meting there will be a social worker writing minuets when you speck check all you say is being documented.
    The social services letters to you will have things like; you are not cooperating not engaging with them not being open and honest with them. Other thing like they’re having emergency planning meeting or meeting there managers all these word look good for them as a paper trail looks like you’re not working with them this could be seen as your hiding something. So question there letters or writ back to them with the same words as there using pouting them on the back foot.
    The involvement of social services is not the worst thing in the world as you can ask them for help with what you need best you ask for their help before it is pushed on you.
    There is two was you can play the social services one keep your mouth shut do as there telling you and go with the process do not rock the boat and the process should pas in time it is very hard just to do as there telling you but this is the best way. If you rock the boat well social services could make it personal to go for you and the children so keep cam keep the children and the house looking good do everything you can to keep the social services sweet as they’re going to do what they’re going to do and there is nothing you can do to stop them. So just go with the flow thing calming things go for a nice relaxing massage or bath or swim as it is a very stressing process.
    Or tack them on and do as i did and i came out with the children and my heed hi there is nothing the social services can do to you as long as you are being a good parent and the children are ok. There is a risk if you have the social services in your life the risk is you loos the children so be strong tack my free advice and do your best by the children good luck.

  152. witheld Says:

    staffordshire social services ignored domestic violence of mother and children and placed child with father on license from prison for section 20 offence,possesion of class a drugs and lock knife allowed him to lie in court and turned ablind eye to it whilst persecuting the mother and committing perjury. They have no idea of domestic violence and choose to believe a man who turns on the charm offensive and ignore the fact a previous report on him said he prays on vulnerable women in times of accomodation crisi3 mother the 3rd woman hes been violent to in his last 3 girlfriends

  153. Boz Says:


    I cannot believe what you say ! A bruise doesn’t mean abuse. My eleven year old boy is constantly getting horrible bruises all over the place because he throws himself around so much.

    Also if they did find a fracture, that doesn’t mean abuse necessarily either ! and if it is abuse how can it possibly be connected to any particular person unless there is a clear accusation from the victim or some other person with direct knowledge of the abuse.

    So, the very brief outline you give doesn’t make any sense at all. Can you please explain ?

    Did you daughter say something to the medical staff at the hospital which led to this ?

    How old is your daughter ?

    By the way, you don’t have to worry about breaking the law by giving details because as long as you simply remain anonymous it is OK.

  154. Jenna Van Dale Says:

    i’m afraid i’m not happy with social services either. for the reasons i shal explain. I took my daughter to a hospital because she had a rash on her back. i have medical training so i can guarentee it was a rash. two gp’s saw it and called it a rash, then one dr decided it was a bruise, meaning that the social services had to be called. they gave my daughter 28 months worth of background radiation to find a fracture in the arm that noone was previously aware off. my partner was arrested and my daughter was put in to foster care. i’m fighting the case now, so i cant give my real name but the way my daughter was taken from me will leave me eternally mistrustful of the social services

  155. Rocket Says:

    What happened to you then ?

  156. david Smethurst Says:

    Surrey Social services (joint bottom with Haringay, well done) are staffed by incompepent malicious lying scum. They are used to picking on vulnerable, inarticulate and ignorant people. Regrettably for them i am none of these. They will rue the day they interfered in my life for the sole purpose of gaining political reporting mileage. I will NEVER let go. Surrey Social services, Surey Police, The Health Visiting Service and Surrey Women’s Aid (the most unscrupulous and vindictive of them all( are all heading for the Court room, where they will find it rather more difficult to maintain crediblity in the face of overwhelming evidence.

  157. rocketone Says:

    I suppose you post as anonymous because you are frightened of expressing your opinions in such a primitive and incompetent way.

    I don’t mind if you completely disagree with what I say, even if you are entirely wrong.

    But I generally find that people who write dimwitted comments under the banner of ‘anonymous’, are invariably inadequate and lacking in self esteem and without anything useful to say as they are just intent on hurling pointless abuse because it is the only way they can express themselves; being otherwise completely inarticulate.

    And what makes you look so incredibly stupid to me, is that I was a direct observer of all the events mentioned above, and every one is a matter of provable fact.

    So, far from being unfounded shit, it is absolute fact – which gives me the certain knowledge that you are simply hurling abuse for the sake of hurling abuse, and therefore you are clearly lacking mental ability and are probably quite brain dead.

    Perhaps you are a social worker ?

  158. Anonymous Says:

    This is a load of unfounded shit.

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