All this debt then. Trillions and trillions of losses by banks to be compensated for by Governments providing trillions of pounds of financial support (loans) to all those wicked banks so as to prevent the financial system collapsing completely.


So Governments are giving the banks lots of our money which we are told will take us a generation to repay and keep us and our children in abject poverty as we provide all this money to the banks.

Errrrrrr ! So the banks get all this money. We lose all this money. And what exactly do the banks do with it all ? Apart from paying themselves a lot of obscene bonuses. We can gloss over that as being a relatively trivial amount of money even if it is morally obscene.

So we give the banks our money then so as to keep them from going bust and completely wrecking the financial system.

But that means my personal financial system is already beginning to be wrecked and will get worse in the next thirty years as I struggle to pay all those taxes needed to replace the huge amount of money the Government is giving the banks.

So why give the money to the banks in the first place. I would rather hang onto my own money and let those bastards go bankrupt as soon as possible because they are worthless leeches that have damaged the very core of civilisation.

The system needs radical reform, starting with letting the parasites called banks disappear into oblivion, together with their poisonous ideas.


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