Wantonly, viciously, Spitefully, destroying people’s lives and the whole economy as well.

The UK council of Mortgage Lenders reports today that only £700 million worth of new mortgages were lent during January this year. Taking a very approximate average mortgage of £200 000, that represents just 3 500 individual mortgages granted in the UK during January 2009.

I know each month’s figures are different and may increase in later months; they also may not. But this just gives a general indication of where things area heading.

Multiplied by the twelve months of the year that makes just 42 000 individual mortgages granted for the purchase of houses in the UK for the whole of 2009. The level of repossessions alone is already way above 50 000 a year and estimated to be over 70 000 in 2009.

The bottom line is that nearly everyone wanting to sell a house will find it almost impossible to find a buyer, and everyone wanting to buy a house will also find it almost impossible to obtain a mortgage sufficient to fund the purchase.

Which only goes to show that the banks, so obsessed with throwing families out of their homes and onto the streets, are obscenely spiteful, nasty, power crazed and vindictive organisations without conscience, humanity or any sense of human decency, morality or dignity.

The repossessed houses will mostly remain unsold and empty, just like thousands of houses have in America. They will be exposed to deterioration, neglect and vandalism and likely to progressively lose value and become more unsaleable. The homeless families will cost the Government even more money in social housing of some sort. Employment becomes virtually impossible when you become homeless.

The children of those families will be traumatised and suffer lifelong psychological damage, contributing further to the downward spiral of civilisation our society is already suffering from. Entirely thanks to the disgustingly materialistic way of life forced on us by the banks and other financial institutions that set the economic agenda and drive big business to warp society into becoming fiercely, pointlessly, wastefully spendthrift; never giving but a passing thought as to how to wisely spend the fruits of progress, technology, profit and increased leisure.

The banks are just wantonly, viciously, Spitefully, destroying people’s lives and the whole economy as well.

Ever since the spinning Jenny freed workers from unremitting, backbreaking, soulless toil to the potential for a better life, the financiers and accountants have stolen that freedom away from us by continuously inventing new ways of stealing the profits of improved technology and progress, pocketing it for themselves and squandering it in a breathless race to become even more garishly, pointlessly, meaninglessly extravagant.


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