A word of explanation about this credit crunch. Everyone is arguing about the causes and who is to blame – without really making a lot of progress.

Except there does seem to be a general idea that it is somehow something to do with the banks. But the banks are having none of that and say it is not their fault.

Some people, particularly bankers, like to put about the idea that it is all the Government’s fault for being too spendthrift and incompetent. The Government is spendthrift and incompetent and very,very wasteful and destructive of anything it gets its sticky little fingers into. That’s true.

But all governments have always had degrees of idiocy and incompetence and it usually doesn’t destroy entire economies on a Global scale. No, however silly the government is it is not directly responsible for the economic collapse. Although it must bear responsibility for failing to control the fraudulent and dishonest behaviour of banks, and is therefore certainly indirectly responsible.

The greedy and unpleasant specimens of humanity currently being questioned by the Parliamentary Select Committee seem to be quite reluctant to understand how they are responsible for leading their dishonest and rapacious banks into contributing to the World economic collapse.

Let us see if we can work out just who really is responsible for all the financial chaos, loss of homes, jobs and the cause of untold misery for millions and millions of people Worldwide.

It isn’t all those workers losing their jobs. No, most people desperately want to work; and nearly all of them would work like dogs if they could be paid decent wages and allowed to keep most of what they earn instead of having it stolen by the poisonous and grasping hand of the State led by power hungry busybody inadequates pompously interfering in everyone’s lives.

It isn’t all the businesses going bust or shrinking as they find they have fewer and fewer buyers for their products. You see, all those workers without jobs no longer have money to buy things and all those businesses struggling to survive also cannot sell enough of what they produce for exactly the same reason – less and less money around in everyone’s pockets to buy things whether it is one business buying services from another business or an individual buying household goodies.

After all people like buying things and businesses really love selling as much as they can and making a nice little profit in the process. It’s called errr, prosperity, I think.

Usually, with rare exceptions, both businesses and individuals take lots of care to vaguely balance their expenditures against their income. Quite simply, they have to, otherwise they evaporate immediately and become non functioning economic has beens in the blink of an eye.

Every single financial transaction for any individual or any business depends completely on the banks and their total control of every single bit of currency in everyone’s possession.

It isn’t the government that controls the creation of money and the entire banking system and therefore the growth in trade an prosperity. It is the banks.

One of the first bankers to realise this was one of those Rothchilds. He said he couldn’t care less about what governments did or thought because he realised if banks could exercise control over the money supply, the banks would have complete power over governments and could do as they pleased. They could even tell governments what to do.

How right Rothchild was ! Banks have been doing as they please ever since.

Just look at that greasy little manipulating ex boss of the HBOS bank. He sacked a senior member of staff who expressed concern over the unsavoury behaviour of the HBOS bank to keep him quiet. Is that a display of greed and dishonesty ? It seems very much like it to me. The HBOS Chief wanted to carry on fleecing people of as much money as possible, no matter how wrong, how dishonest or how much damage it might do. This same nasty little creature is now an advisor to Gordon Brown and all those other weasels in Government.

They have now worked out ways of increasingly their stranglehold over even the pettiest financial transaction to the extent it is almost impossible to use money to pay someone without first of all paying a bank for the privilege of using your own money. The banks even have the cheek to force people to pay fees for taking their own cash out of their own bank accounts.

Just a a few years ago the banks even dreamed up the surreal idea of charging fairytale ‘penalty’ fees after designing the entire banking system to make it impossible for people to avoid endless mistakes being made. Clever idea that, and everyone somehow swallowed the confidence trick as all the banks colluded to swindle people out of billions of pounds – which they did.

The banks are now being taken to court over this particular little swindle and so far it looks as though they are losing.

If they do lose it would be because it is a swindle. It is unfair, it is dishonest and it is nasty and greedy. How else could you possibly describe it ?

What else can you call charging an impoverished young student or elderly pensioner hundreds of pounds for a an accidental unintended overdraft of perhaps only a few pence sometimes even caused entirely by the bank itself, but blatant theft.

The banks are, without doubt liars and thieves on an epic scale. And we have allowed them to get away with it.

Everyone has to obey the rules to join in the game of becoming prosperous otherwise they are rapidly excluded.

Except of course, those banks ! This is because the banks make up the rules as they go along. They can do this because they control every single movement of money from person to person or business to business. It is the banks, indeed, which create all the money everyone needs to use in the first place.

So the banks are deluded into imagining it is all their money and they have a divine right to grab as much of it as they can snatch every time it comes within their grasp.

Most people in the real world think doing something like that is theft. Law courts tend to throw people into prison for expropriating other people’s money that doesn’t belong to them; but not the banks. They seem to be mysteriously immune from being labeled criminal.

So, the banks control every aspect of the economy directly or indirectly. They create all the money in use, more or less. So why the Credit Crunch ?

Simple, the banks suddenly panicked as they realised their dishonesty and distortion of money had gone too far and was uncontrollable as they were now in the business of fleecing each other as well as the public. The banks couldn’t trust each other any more, so they thought all their borrowers couldn’t be trusted either.

The banks stopped lending to each other and kept hold of what money they could. As the supply of money dried up banks stopped lending to businesses and recalled loans at every opportunity. They couldn’t care less if forcing people to give back loans they were relying on to keep their business going destroyed jobs. The banks didn’t care if they ruined people’s lives by making them homeless when they were evicted from their houses.

The banks ruthlessly started removing gigantic amounts of money from the financial system, instantly wrecking businesses and individual’s ability to trade with each other and be able to have a job.

I’d say the banks were a pretty evil bunch of criminally inclined bastards. What do you think ?


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