Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson says

When a particular person is Scottish, has only one working eye, and is most definitely perceived as a complete idiot by tens of thousands of people, possibly even millions, because he has caused immense damage to the whole of the British nation with his stupidity, is it gratuitously offensive to describe him as a one eyed Scottish idiot ?

Gordon Brown is an idiot, he is Scottish, and he is one eyed. But that narrow minded group of people – the politically correct – would not like their hero described quite truthfully by BBC Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson as a one eyed Scottish idiot because, as always, they would like to censor free speech.

It’s part of their Orwellian dream of controlling ‘thoughtcrime’. It is another example of how creeping erosion of all our freedoms starts by all dictatorships preventing freedom of thought and expression, punishing people for saying things the Government doesn’t like to hear. It tends to make the masses restless and rebellious against their power crazed political masters.

We had Carol Thatcher being sacked with huge public fanfare by the politically correct and pompously narrow minded BBC for using the word Gollywog to describe the visual appearance of someone who does actually look just like the cartoon character dreamt up over half a century ago and turned into a popular and much loved soft toy for a whole generation of children.

In a parody of a police state where every small minded, ignorant person is encouraged to be a willing and enthusiastic informant, that ghastly BBC nitwit Adrian Chiles and equally ghastly Jo Brand, specialists in snide comments and lavatorial ‘humour, overheard Carol Thatcher make the ordinary and unremarkable throw away comment about a ‘Gollywog’ look- a -like.

With breathless self importance they ‘snitched’ and reported the awful ‘thoughtcrime’ to their ‘bosses’. A shrill harpy of a senior BBC executive was then wheeled onto the ‘Today’ programme to explain how important it was that Adrian Chiles and Jo Brand should be protected from being offended by Carol Thatcher or anyone else mentioning the popular soft toy, fondly remembered as part of every child’s life when Carol was growing up a generation ago.

I suppose we should be grateful that Carol Thatcher only lost her job, instead of being thrown in jail, tortured and murdered by our oppressive socialist regime. But no doubt that will happen eventually as Britain is remorselessly turned into a third world totalitarian dictatorship by socialist misfits like Gordon Brown – the one eyed Scottish idiot, and his equally intellectually challenged cronies.

By Jeremy Clarkson


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