I heard an item on Radio Four this morning about how we deal with young criminals. Apparently, we are very fond of arbitrarily imprisoning them in droves instead of actually trying to help them become decent citizens.

Each one costs , so Radio Four Said, £200 000 a year to imprison. That’s over £500 per day. HMMMMMMMMN !!!

Old fashioned boarding schools only cost a fraction of that.

Give me £500 day for each offender and I will absolutely guarantee to do a better job of turning them into decent people without torturing them with oppressive state institutional bureauocratic nonsense. AND I’ll become a millionaire, and then STILL give the taxpayer back about half the £500 a day it currently spends.

More later.



  1. makingmoneysense Says:

    Brilliant! I couldn’t agree more! I went to boarding school, and I had a very healthy respect for all my elders (teachers, parents, etc.) – it was drilled into me from a very early age, using the old adage “spare the rod and spoil the child”. I don’t condone beating children, far from it, but it does no harm for children to know that if they don’t behave, the consequences could be a well-deserved spanking. Oh and by the way, for all those sad do-gooders who think we should only reward children and never punish them – I had equal quantities of both dished out as and when merited, and I grew up to be a confident, law-abiding person, with extremely fond memories of all the adults who had a hand in shaping my life. If children get the right guidance, and yes, punishment when necessary, at any early age, they won’t grow up to be offenders and we wouldn’t have to spend thousands of pounds every year locking the little monsters up!

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