Politicians Criminal Complicity in Bankers Greed – And Stupidity

Someone wrote this comment on BBC Reporter Robert Peston’s Blog yesterday and I thought it neatly summed up the causes of the current World wide financial meltdown and was well worth repeating.

‘I’m not a clever man. I didn’t go to University. I haven’t got any A levels. B ut I can see what is wrong and I can see that what we are doing is wrong.

This entire crisis has been caused by 3 things – greed, criminal complicity and stupidity.

The bankers greed, the politicians criminal complicity and our stupidity.

The banks knew what they were doing and did it on purpose. This cannot be an accident. Therefore to give them billions and allow them to continue as before means it is going to continue to get worse and worse.

The government with their ‘light touch of regulation’ didn’t cause it but they are wholy responsible. The basic rule – as every worker will tell you – is never trust anyone where money is concerned. So why did the governments behave like morons and believe they could trust the banks ?’


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