Hotfoot from listening to this morning’s 6 a.m. news I have this latest little gem of insane stupidity from Gordon Brown and Co. – those morons in charge of the UK government who are intent on completely destroying this country as fast and comprehensively as they possibly can.

Goofy Gordon’s Government has announced a momentously time wasting and entirely silly document apparently called the ‘NHS Constitution’.

I think their empty little brains must have been so full of yesterday’s grand American Presidential inauguration they thought it would be clever to launch something called a ‘Constitution’ to show everyone how clever and important they are too.

So, instead of the NHS spending it’s time and money getting on with the business of saving patients lives by providing the medical treatment it was set up to provide, it has found a new way of avoiding spending money on treating patients and re-directing it instead into even more creatively mad bureaucracy.

I have no doubt this breathlessly important ‘NHS Constitution’ has cost a lot of time and money and employed loads of mindless bureaucrats for ages. The document talks about ‘patients rights and obligations’ and ‘responsibilities’ and tells us ‘what to expect’ from the NHS.

I thought we expected medical care from the NHS. Apparently not. It now seems there is an urgent need to be told the majority of the NHS funding and other activities will be moving further and further away from paying doctors to look after patients and more towards being a job creation scheme for bureaucrats.

I am sure we all feel much better to be told what we can now expect from the NHS. Most people fondly imagined, I suppose, that they expected a good standard of medical care from the NHS.

No doubt everyone will be much relieved to be told in this manically self important NHS Consititution ‘document’ that all they can now expect is even faster deterioration of the NHS as getting any medical treatment at all becomes more and more difficult or impossible, as NHS ‘Resources’ are ‘Rationed’ away from providing useful medical treatment and towards expanding the NHS bureaucracy instead.


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