On Robert Peston’s BBC blog today I saw this post here. The poor soul was so hard done by, what with having to work a whole forty hours a week, that I thought their complaint merited a reply from me to put it in perspective. So here is their post followed by my reply to it. You’ll get the point when you read it.

It seems the BBC found my post unacceptable for some strange reason though, so it wasn’t actually posted. Curious that ?

BBC economic reporter Robert Peston’s blog is here at:

The Wierd post in question (number 62 if you want to find it ) is copied here.

62. At 10:38am on 07 Jan 2009, irishbluebird wrote:

“I refer to “angelbusman’s” comment earlier who said “What do M & S staff do?”.

“You really are ignorant to the amount of work involved in retail. My wife leaves the house every morning at 5-15 to work an 8 hour shift, 5 days a week and is exhausted by the weekend. She, like I, have to work these hours to make ends meet and I can assure you she puts in a full days work interrupted only by customers asking for advice. With the cloud of redundancies now hanging over all staff I would appreciate it if you kept your negative comments to yourself.

Complain about this comment

My reply is :

M&S: no ordinary downturn

irishbluebird post 62.

My, my, you poor things. Fancy having to work for eight hours a day five days a week. That’s, let me see, forty hours work a week, isn’t it ?

No wonder the poor dear is exhausted after five days work a week. I’m sure she hasn’t enough time over the two days of each weekend to recover from this remorselessly exhausting toil !

She ought to demand more time off. My, the sheer stress of it all. It’s scandalous ! Tell her to pull a ‘sickie’ on Monday to give her extra time to recover from the previous week’s work !

Out of the total 168 hours in the seven days of a week a notional eight hours of sleep per day adds up to 56 hours, which leaves 112 hours for everything else.

Working forty hours is only 35 per cent of 112 hours of free time, leaving a massive 72 hours out of the total of 168 – that’s more time than for work or sleep !

What more do you want you idle sods ? All the hours at 168 to sit on your fat backsides and be paid endless State benefits and subsidies so you don’t have to work at all ?

Get real. Go try and exist in rural India, China, Africa, South America or similar. You might find yourselves working more than 112 hours a week with barely enough time for any sleep and wages just enough for a starvation diet and absolutely nothing else.



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  1. rocketone Says:

    Pretty good english really if you have just started learning.

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    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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