Destroyed by Blind Faith in Banking System – and Corrupt Government !

The ‘Blue Collar Manifesto’ blog written by American Jim Lunsford had this to say today. It is abridged and slightly edited, but I found it too irresistible not to repeat some of it at least.

It neatly encapsulates one of the most gigantic problems of Modern Times. It perhaps describes the fundamental cause of the collapse of the Global financial system.

Read it. Think very, very carefully and ask yourself what you can do now to prevent the World from becoming increasingly unstable and ever more violent and dangerous for your children and children’s children. Remember, human civilisation and even very survival is at stake.

This is what Jim Lunsford had to say.

“We have allowed our blind faith in the very instruments of our destruction to lead us to this crucial point in our history. A time in which our very lives are at stake.

“Economically, we have been destroyed by this blind faith in the Federal Reserve banking system; a system designed to create inflation and market crashes to further the political agendas of shadow governments.

“A system we allow to exist today, despite the fact so many of us have knowledge of it’s goals. Yet, we do nothing but insist the government police itself. And we wonder why they don’t.

“It is the nature of government to grow it’s own powers, and the result of this power is always corruption. It is a story as old as government itself, yet one we seem destined to constantly re-learn.

“But that does not mean we have to remain slaves of a system we have helped create through our own fears. First though, we must understand that we have the power to affect change. This power is inherent in all of us.

“Police states don’t just happen. They must be carefully cultivated. They need enemies to rally their citizens around their cause. External enemies. Police states, which includes our own government, constantly create threats which strengthen their regimes. But we must be willing pawns of our own destruction, or these schemes will never work.

“We look to the institutions that oppress us for solutions, when liberty is only found within ourselves. Tyranny can only exist when fear rules over a majority. This is the problem which we must face, and only by facing this problem, will we find the solution.

“In my travels around the world, I have always found the peoples of every country to be mostly good in nature. It is always their governments that are corrupt; for governments are the havens of the corrupt in all societies.

“It is in government that we find oppression, not in the people we war against. The same is true in this country as well, if we but have the courage to admit it.”

Jim Lunsford – American author of the ‘Blue Collar Manifesto’ blog.


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One Response to “Destroyed by Blind Faith in Banking System – and Corrupt Government !”

  1. Jim Lunsford Says:

    Thank you for an excellent editing job. It must have been torturous as it was such a long post! Thanks again, Jim

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