But help bankers and industrialists become very rich.

It appalls me how government resources are utterly squandered while disease, poverty, general misery etc increases almost everywhere – including the most privileged nations.

What about organising some kind of meaningful focus for this revolution to make it happen ? Because it may be that things are becoming a bit dangerously critical as third World Governments become more demanding, more able to meet others on more equal terms and so on.

The possibility of another bloody World war with exceptionally destructive weapons is increasing with exponential speed.

Even without that awful eventuality (which is a near certainty if you consider psychology very, very carefully) we have what seems to be the possibility of fast and destructive climate change due to our complete inability to manage human civilisation in a reasonable, intelligent way.

This is why we need this revolution as soon as possible before anything really nasty happens !

Fast internet communication connecting all individuals on the Globe is the key to much more sensible decision making and intelligent, more stable government, leading inevitably to one cooperative World Government.

This is the alternative to endless international squabbling about almost everything, and inevitably, wars, both small (as at present) and larger in the form of deadly World wide war.

I suppose I would have been a stand in for Trotsky or Lenin back in the days of the Worker’s Revolution. But it is unfortunate they didn’t understand how to re-organise government properly in those times and just replaced a repressive government by landed aristocrats with an even more repressive style of government by a bunch of amateurs with no idea of how to govern at all.

Maybe leaving all the aristos in charge might really have been better if you think about it. But right now it is essential to get away from government by vested interests, disguised but even more selfish modern style aristos in the form of wealth, and corrupt self seekers on the make who don’t care how many lives they destroy in the process !

Just look what the bankers have done recently to Word wide trade and tens of millions of lives !

They are indisputably, single handedly, responsible for destroying the World wide economy, putting millions into poverty.

It was they and they alone who managed the supply of money and it was they alone who were responsible for the integrity of that money.

This integrity of the money supply can only have been destroyed by the greed obsessed banking community, because no other group of people had the ability to manipulate the money supply in any way, other than the banks.

It is an inescapable fact that if the banks had chosen to behave differently to the way they did behave, the money supply could have remained stable and there would have been no World wide financial crisis.

Ergo, the banks control the entire money supply; but are an ignorant bunch of corrupt, self seeking, greedy bastards pulling the strings of every government everywhere entirely for their own ends , with a callous disregard of the consequences.

See the Blue Collar Worker Manifesto


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