The BBC Think I Nicked My Own Article !!! Ha, Ha, Ha

Dear Robert Peston &; Co,

‘Scuse me,

But I own the copyright to this article because I wrote it specifically to post on Peston’s blog and on my own blogs. It is copied from nowhere other than my own brain. There is not one word of re-write or reference from anywhere else or even the slightest connection or reference in my brain to anything else. I have yet to come across any other copy, in fact, which has is quite so scathing of the financial industry. This article is completely original and there wasn’t even a single page of reference anywhere near me when I wrote it.

The tone of the article entirely reflects my feelings about my personal experiences over thirty five years with various segments of the financial industry. Some of my experiences have been ghastly and give rise to a feeling in me which is somewhat venomous towards an industry which I have found to rapidly move away from any concept of honest decency and probity towards inbred deceit in the forty years of my adult life.

I am sorry it is so long. Although I intend to try and make things shorter, I find it difficult to cover the subject in fewer words when I actually write it. As an ex-sub-editor, I could sub it right down afterwards, but that is just extra work to no purpose as I am not trying to make it ‘fit’ into a publication with limited space. If you want to run the item in public open media I would happily sub it to any length, but in Peston’s blog, or mine it seems just silly and detracts from what the article is trying to say.

Perhaps I should feel flattered you think I nicked this article from somewhere else. When I wrote my first item for publication at the very beginning of my writing career it was a poem for the school magazine when I fifteen. I was accused of nicking it from Rupert Brooke as it was in that style. It has been since published in a newspaper and it gives me a warm glow still to think some one ranked my poetry at the age of fifteen along with such a great poet as Rupert Brooke. Although I have always been puzzled as to why someone didn’t just read Brooke’s poems to see if mine was one of them ! The magazine committee who hauled me up before them must have been a bit thick. They did publish it though !

Perhaps you might like to confirm this article is my original work by now checking my blogs where I think I will post this correspondence as a post !


Modern Times in Mudshires

On 18 Dec 2008, at 09:29, blogpestonspicks wrote:

Dear BBC Blog contributor,

Thank you for contributing to a BBC Blog. Unfortunately we’ve had to remove your content below

This decision has been made because it contains material on which the copyright appears to be owned by someone else. You can find out more about Intellectual Property Law at

Please do not post large chunks of text copied from other sources: this may be an infringement of copyright. Short quotes to illustrate a point may be permissible, although this is at our discretion.

If you wish to reference external sources of information, it’s better to include a link to an appropriate external website. All external links included in postings must meet our editorial guidelines:

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Please note that anyone who seriously or repeatedly breaks the House Rules may have action taken against their account.


The BBC Blog Team

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Deflation or inflation?

Poisonous Banks Destroying World Economy

December 17, 2008 by rocketone at Modern Times in Mudshires

The article in question is the one posted in full below as my previous post.

Poisonous Banks Destroying World Economy

Banks immoral behaviour shrinks World supply of money and destroys economy


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