The Government sanctimoniously announces today plans to force people in receipt of welfare benefits back to work, even if they are looking after young children or incapacitated with chronic illness. It’s time the ‘something for nothing’ welfare culture ended, the Government smugly announces.

I couldn’t agree more. The four million odd people living on ‘welfare’ in the UK – about a fifth of the working population – is a ridiculous indictment of how completely incompetent the Government has been.

Perhaps if the greedy, grasping hand of Gordon Brown’s rapacious taxman stopped stealing such vast sums of money from people when they did want to work hard to better themselves, several million people ground down by government bureaucracy which makes it pretty much impossible for many people to escape being trapped on welfare benefits would actually be able to work. Nearly all of them are desperate to work in fact.

It is the choking death grip of Government interference in every conceivable part of daily life that prevents people from working and distorts the economy into creating artificially low wages for the more ordinary, basic jobs . This low wage economy deliberately created by the Labour Government forces nearly the entire population into relying on handouts of one sort or another from the Government.

This suits Gordon and cronies, though, because it means even more minute control over everyone and creates a vast army of brainless bureaucrats pointlessly employed on very low wages by the Government to dictate and control every detail of our lives. These ever increasing millions of people employed by the Government to do it’s bidding and destroy our lives are more easily brainwashed into supporting the dreadful system that pays their wages by voting for their corrupt masters. It is the story of socialism throughout history.

We now have things like the ridiculous concept of the Government doling out extra little handouts to pay winter fuel bills for pensioners to stop hordes of them dying from cold because they no longer have enough money to pay for the ordinary basic things in life like their own fuel bills. Meanwhile more taxes are piled onto everyone to pay for rubbish bin police and local Council spying departments peering at the population through millions of CCTV cameras watching every move in a nightmarish parody of George Orwell’s Big Brother thought police.

This is no longer a ‘free’ country. It is now very definitely a police state where the majority of everyone’s time is spent being forced to deal with endless pettiness, incomprehensible record keeping and form filling, and a slavish devotion to channelling the sum total of human existence through meaninglessly confusing and pointless computer systems with the delusion all this somehow improves modern life. It doesn’t. It’s time wasting garbage really.

Daily life has become infinitely more tedious and time wasting as the Government has forced everything to be minutely and laboriously documented and recorded through computer keyboards. This now allows Big Brother Government to inspect and control everything we do.

This Government, collectively, is a bunch of dangerous, delusional, corrupt idiots. They are completely destroying the daily lives of everyone in this country.


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