Gordon Brown and his Government of utter dimwits are undoubtedly very, very stupid for being completely incapable of handling the nation’s finances sensibly since 1997. But how did the recession really come about ?

It was the banks of course !

They have a collective, unconscious collusion – the banking system. With all it’s rules and collectively agreed systems and methodology it spiralled out of the realms of honest morality into pure fraud. Banks abused their position of privilege which allows them to ‘manufacture’ new money without limit.

They competed savagely with each other to magick out of thin air ever increasing amounts of cash because the more money they conjured into existence, the more they could lend and the more money they could make for their greedy, selfish selves.

All this money had to be lent out. It cannot be ‘manufactured’ unless it is loaned. So ever increasingly dodgy wheezes were invented by banks to make the money go round faster and faster because every time the pile of dosh passed through their hands, they could take a hefty cut and put in their own pockets. Good wheeze hey ?

Once they set this merry go round in motion it had to go round faster and faster to stop the whole fraudulent lie falling apart – precisely the same as all the other similar criminal frauds of the past. The criminal fraternity coined the word ‘churning’ to describe it.

The banks dreamt up a myriad different ways they could trap even the most prudent members of the public into using larger and larger amounts of borrowed money. The banks also ratcheted up all their charges as they realised the public were just a herd of sheep that would soon get used to the outrageous charges that would have been inconceivable at any other time in recorded history.

I mean just look at the complete joke that is the credit card system. The banks have somehow succeeded in persuading most of the population into thinking there is some mysteriously good reason for routinely using credit cards for some or all of all money transactions. The banks know this will result in many credit card users being trapped into what can only be described as vicious, extortionate charges.

That is the only purpose the banks had in mind when they created the credit card system. It was designed purely so they could build up a mountain of debt that people could not afford to pay off immediately. That would result in all those ‘penalty’ clauses in the small print that would allow the banks to sanctimoniously declare the credit card user had ‘broken’ the ‘rules’ and ‘terms and conditions’ ‘agreed’ with the user now ‘allowed’ the banks to make charges that really only amount to carefully crafted theft.

It is called ‘conversion’ by lawyers and it is a criminal offence to acquire other people’s property by means of this kind of deliberate deception.

This latest wheeze of paying cash savers considerably less interest than the rate of inflation is just another variety of the fraudulent crime of deliberate ‘conversion’. Specifically designed to take your money and pay you, say, two percent for saving it with a bank; then lending your money (along with ten times that amount of magically manufactured ‘new’ money) to your neighbour who pays the bank, say, eight per cent (if he’s lucky) on a loan.

So, let’s just work this out shall we ? The bank pays you two percent, lends about ten times the amount you have saved at eight per cent – that’s a total of eighty per cent for all of you dullards at maths – the bank makes eighty percent from your savings but pays the saver just two per cent – well below the rate of inflation !

So the actual real value of the savers’ money steadily shrinks, while the banks just get fatter and fatter. Oh to be a banker, you just can’t help getting richer and richer; both in recessions and boom times. You have the population by the jugular in both cases.

How stupid can we savers get ? Obviously, the banks could pay the saver well over the rate of inflation and still be left with a hugely profitable chunk of the eighty per cent they make quoted in this example.

Of course it is only by contriving to keep ordinary, financially unsavvy people, ignorant of how finance really works that has enabled these nasty fraudsters to get away with the breathtakingly criminal behaviour they have.

Think about it ! They have actually destroyed the entire Global economy in a matter of weeks. Millions of people losing jobs and having their lives ruined.
Many even being hurled out of their homes onto the streets and into extreme poverty and deprivation. All because banks are greedy, self seeking and just plain immoral and nasty.

Even the most highly educated people like news readers and Government Ministers routinely say they don’t understand the weird financial ‘derivatives’ and even bankers themselves fail to understand it all. Most people seem to cheerfully admit to simply not being able to understand how economics work

They don’t. That is why we are in such a mess – by allowing the banks to be the sole means of controlling the economy; incompetently !

Isn’t it about time we did something about controlling the excesses of this evil banking system ?

Obviously they lack the simple morality to control their greed themselves !


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