‘On the Thursday I was seven days overdue with her. So, seven days late.

I was having really bad back pain, it was really uncomfortable. So I rang up the hospital and they said ‘Oh well come up and we will have a look at you.

This was on Thursday night. When I got there I was two centimetres. I was having contractions every three or four minutes.

Being two centimetres dilated is a clear indication of the start of labour. And ten centimetres is when it’s the start of when you’re about to have your baby.

I stayed in Redhill overnight on the Thursday because I was still having contractions and they gave me some painkillers – some codemol and it sent her to sleep. because they are quite strong painkillers she went off to sleep so it stopped my contractions.

So I Came home – this was on the Friday morning at eight O’clock . I was discharged from Redhill. They just said, well it’s going to happen you’ll just kind of have to go home until ….and see what happens. So I came home.

I went off to Harry’s school play and was wandering around in quite a lot of pain. About two o’clock I rang my friend who was taking me to hospital. It was all arranged that when I had to go to hospital I said I think I really need to back now. So okay we’ll go up there.

I got to Redhill about three o’clock Friday afternoon. They said oh right you’re four centimetres it’s definitely going to happen now. Stand up, get moving walk around because that will bring it on The more you do that the quicker it will be basically. So I’m there wandering all around the hospital i8n and out of the room Im in trying to get it all moving .

I was examined again at five o’clock and I was still four centimetres but I was having contractions every three minutes then and they could see on the trace that they were getting stronger So then I was like this is my third baby so it should be quite quick.

Then about seven o’clock the midwife said we are going to break your waters at seven thirty. Because when she did the internal examination of the baby she could feel the waters of the baby bulging out. They were ready to break anyway. Any moment they could have done it themselves. She said but at seven thirty we’ll come and do it for you then it will happen really quickly because I was in quite a lot of pain.

I said okay then. At then at quarter to eight – when they were supposed to come at half seven to break my waters – at quarter to eight another midwife came in and same I’m really sorry we can’t do that we’re too busy and you’re going to have to go home.

I was, like, you are joking. My friend was like what. By then I was quite emotional and just started crying I didn’t know what to do with myself I was having like full blown contractions every three minutes They were just like we’re too busy you’ll just have to go home.

And I said that I live in Horsham it will take me at least forty five minutes to get here in a rush kind of thing.

Oh no you’ll be fine like you’ll have loads of time when it happens even though the midwife who came in before had said once your waters break you’ll have your baby quickly because it’s your third baby it’ll be quicker. And because my labours with the other two have only been like a maximum of two hours from when my waters are breaking.

And I was like, really, I didn’t know what to do with myself I was crying I rang my Mum up was like I don’t know what to do my Mum was, just got a little bit angry not of me that was the hospital on their heads be it kind of thing if you come home and it happens they will be responsible for that. So I came home from Redhill my friend driving. Got all the way back to the Faygate roundabout at the end of the road and my waters broke and I was like oh no and my friend was like shall we just turn round and go back Thank goodness we didn’t because this was like probably at nine o’clock by then we were at Faygate roundabout when my waters broke, so I thought hang on, that’s about five or ten minutes from home.

We came back here and I rang up Redhill. As soon as my waters broke my contractions were like one after the other I wasn’t even getting a rest between them. They were like straight away. And I got out of the car and I had to crawl up the front path because I couln’t even walk it was so painful.

So I came in and rang up the delivery suite which I’d just left at Redhill and said look you’ve just discharged me and she went yea I know you’ve just left I was like well I’ve just got home my waters broke she could hear me on the phone like (moaning and crying) having like she was like.

She said don’t worry, don’t rush just get back up here in the next hour or so. I said to her I haven’t got an hour.

If it was your first baby maybe you might not know but it was my third and I knew I was never going to make it back to Redhill. So I said I was not going to make it. She was like you will don’t worry no need to panic you’ll be fine .

So I got off the phone and my Mum’s friend was here looking after the boys they were asleep in bed. She said you’re not going to make it are you I was like no asnd I don’t know what by something was just like ring an ambulance I’m not going to make it I think it was twenty to ten on Friday night when we rang the paramedic. We had arrived back at about quarter past nine.

About twenty to ten when we rang the paramedics. My friend rang them for me and she was like she’s in labour she having contractions literally a minute apart there was hardly any rest in between them. Obviously while they were on the phone they send the ambulance don’t they.

The lady on the phone was talking to her… saying take her trousers off sit her on the floor get her comfortable and everything The paramedics took eleven minutes from the time when they got the call to when they got here I think they were from Crawley They said they had sent a midwife at the same time.

They came in and said how is it and I said it’s really painful and they said it’s okay we’re going to take you back to Redhill. He sat down on the floor in front of me and I literally just pushed once and she was there and he was like well okay then we won’t be going back to Redhill. And the midwife was then another hour and forty minutes after they arrived for her to get here. It was all over and done by the time she got here.

She just checked the baby and weighed and stuff. It was all over and done with.

It was the fourteenth of November.

Common sense says a woman beginning dilations stays in hospital. I should never have been sent home.

Obviously when I ,was there in hospital and it was four centimetres and I had been for three or four hours . In those three or four hours I was having contractions every three minutes it wasn’t as if nothing was happening. The whole time I was there I was having contractions every three minutes. And they could see by the monitor ,they put on you and trace the baby’s heart beat and the contractions and they could see by the trace that everey time I was having contractions they were getting stronger and more intense.

So basically I was sent home in the middle of childbirth.

The staff were just really rude like I know that I’m only young I’m twenty two, nearly twenty three but it was my third baby I knew what I was doing it wasn’t like it was my first baby. I know some people are a bit dramatic and over the top with their first one but with my third baby I knew what my body was doing and I knew that I was in labour. They knew that I was in labour
and they had already said I was four centimetres dilated.

They were really rude and offhand you’ll be fine just go for a walk it’ll happen when it happens. Well obviously I know that but … When she came in and said I think you’ve got to go home we’ve got no space for you we need the room and you’re just going to have to go home I was really upset then I was in a lot of pain and I was really crying.

I said I’m really worried that I’m not going to make it back I’m really scared that when I have my baby not in hospital that’s the scariest thing in the World. Oh you’ll be fine she said. She really brushed it off. And I was like that’s not really what I wanted to hear.

I never had a doctor the whole time was there it was all midwives. They just leave you alone with a buzzer and come in and check you every hour.

All my friends and people I have spoken to that have babies and that all don’t go to Redhill they go to Haywards Heath They think it is a much nicer hospital and they are much better there.

And I’ve had this like obviously my third baby I’ve never had any problems at Redhill. I’ve always said , you know what, they were amazing. You know what Harry was six weeks premature and they were absolutely amazing with him. they were like took him into special care they were absolutely brilliant I stayed in for five days after I had Harry and I would never have had a bad word to say about them.

With George I was induced which means you’re there for the whole day and a whole night kind of thing until you have your baby.

They were amazing then. This time they were just awful. I don’t know if it’s just because … Oh and when the paramedics came the day they sent me home The paramedic said that was the day they had closed emergency services at Haywards Heath so everyone was going to Redhill.
So they obviously sent me home because they were so busy because Haywards Heath were accepting no more patients.

So I had to go home because they didn’t have space for me.

If I had turned the car around to go back to the hospital when my waters broke at the Faygate roundabout like my friend had wanted to I would have had my baby at the side of the road That night it was minus four. When the paramedics came out they said it was minus four.

And I would have had my baby on the side of the road just me and my friend . It was lucky I decided to go home rather than back to the hospital. Because I never would made it back there. I would have had her on the side of the road in the freezing cold on my own.

I don’t know if we would have been able to cope. We had no blankets or anything in the car. It was like minus four. It wasn’t like you were at home and could get towels and blankets and obviously if you’re in hospital they take the baby and put it straight under a heater.

If there had been any kind of complication it could have been seriously dangerous.

After I had George, my second child, the baby before her I had a haemorage and I had to have a blood transfusion so I’ve already had that complication with him and it could have happened again. And I would have been in my front room with the paramedics hoping they had some blood in their ambulance otherwise God knows what would have happened.

I can’t imagine how I would have coped if there had been injury to my baby; I’d be going mental. I would be doing everything I could not to let this happen to anyone else.

It’s bad enough that I had to have my baby on my own at home. Luckily I had people with me. What if I had just been at home completely on my own.

Luckily my two older children were asleep in bed. They slept through all of it. But they were here the whole time. How traumatised would they have been if they had walked in and watched me give birth on the floor.

My local midwife who goes through your pregnancy the whole way through wrote a letter of complaint to Redhill and so did my doctor.


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