Repossessed, Repossessed, Repossessed !

Instead of Location, Location, Location !

The mortgage lending industry are mostly liars and thieves. I can speak from personal experience. Read on and you will see what I mean.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders are certainly liars. I have lost count of the times I have seen spokespeople from the Council of Mortgage Lenders telling all us mortgage holders that our lenders will bend over backwards to help us if we fall into arrears with our mortgages when we experience financial hardship.

It is, quite simply, a lie.

Another falsehood being peddled is that courts are sympathetic towards householders being repossessed.

The truth is, once you have become three months or more in arrears, you are likely to be repossessed in the most astonishingly nasty, brutish manner – and very quickly too.

The whole industry is rotten to the core. It is intrinsically fraudulent.

For example; I had a mortgage with Birmingham Midshires. They actually told me I didn’t have to pay the mortgage for a while as I was in severe financial difficulties.

They immediately ignored what they had told me and sent me repetitive penalty charge notices. Eventually they built up thousands of pounds of mythical expenses they added on to my mortgage. They were all artful works of fiction – a complete fairy tale.

But the small print of their mortgage contract said this is what they could do. Of course it did !

They proceeded to repossess my house and throw me out with an eviction notice that just gave me about three weeks notice to quit.

Is that civilised behaviour or what ?

To be continued.



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