When computers came into our lives we were told they would make things more convenient and faster. We were told how much more we would be able to achieve.

What a load of complete cobblers that was. Utter, utter, rubbish !

I have been writing about computers since before the PC or the Apple Mac were invented, and been using them on a daily basis for over twenty years. So you can’t say I am unfamiliar with how to use them. I am no technophobe.

But I am distraught beyond comprehension with the amount of time they waste. It isn’t really the fault of the actual computer though. It is the fault of the idiots who write the software programs we all use.

They are invariably obscure and extremely difficult to understand or find your way around. This is completely unnecessary. They could all be as easy as pie to understand and use.

Unfortunately, the computer industry has historically been staffed by nerdy little geeks, hardly out of nappies. You know the sort, the kind of creeps who think it is great to spend most of your life playing silly, meaningless computer games.

They seem to think it is really clever to use stupidly incomprehensible language for ordinary things and hide essential information with an overload of useless information in gobbledegook on every page.

So, have you noticed how everything in life now takes much longer than it ever used to before computers came along ? 

Even the simplest of things.

Take those queues at the bank cashier. Each customer now takes up vastly increased amounts of the cashiers time as they fumble with their silly computers.

And what about those ghastly automated computerised telephone switchboards that answer every call we make and seem to have the single objective of preventing us speaking to the people we need to.

They waste hours of our time keeping us on hold and passing us around in circles from place to place. Each one with it’s own manically insane automated and computerised voice talking utter rubbish.

Today, I have another kind of computer time wasting problem. I just have to write two blog posts of about 500 words each – an hour’s work, perhaps. But then I have to post them on the blog.

This is something I am very familiar with and it normally takes but a moment. Today though, the blog software I am using has decided to throw a tantrum. It logs me in OK, and it gives some tantalising hints that everything is tickety boo and my blog is there waiting for my attention.

But, lo and behold. When I go to my blog management page it tells me I have no blog and there is nothing to manage, so I cannot make a post. It is obviously mad because I can actually read my blog on the internet. It is there It just wont let me access it to make a post or do anything else with it – despite acknowledging that I am logged in correctly.

So it is definitely not me making a mistake. It is the software.

So, what with all the to-ing and fro-ing around the computer, that manages to waste my entire morning as I try and do what I have to do. Oh, there was also my email software throwing another tantrum in sympathy as well.

It was just refusing to send mail and generally muddling things up right left and centre without the slightest explanation.

I wont bore you with the details, but, clearly, it would have been easy to sort out if the progam writers had bothered to provide explanations of what is wrong and how to correct it.

They never seem to do this with any software. You just get things like – ‘Error, you can’t do this. Error message number 8756.

How stupid is that ? Really helpful, isn’t it.


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  1. Rocket Says:

    You must be one of those wierdo nerdy people – unable to communicate normally, so inventing your own baby language to make you feel clever.

    God help us if you write software and you expect people to know what

    ‘Oh thanks ! Really funny. Big ups !’ means.

    I suggest you go back to school and learn to speak and write properly like a normal human being. And please don’t write any software as it would be a disaster – like your incomprehensible language.

  2. BigBan Says:

    Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Big ups!

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