The lunatics in question are an evil team consisting of BT (otherwise known as British Telecome) and Talk the Talk ( an utterly insanely named bunch of twits that make its
shareholders very rich by providing a truly lousy telephone service.

Today I started my working day only to discover my BT broadband connection had entirely vanished.

I discovered Talk Talk had somehow hijacked my telephone service so I could make calls, but not receive any, and there was no broadband connection at all.

Talk Talk had stolen my phone.

It’s called ‘slamming’ in the language of the mentally retarded wierdos of the electronic sub-culture. It is illegal and a crime.

I spent a solid five hours and came close to having a heart attack at the immense difficulty of getting anything done about it and recovering my line from the thieves.

It meant I got absolutely no work done at all. I also feel like checking in to the nearest secure psychiatric hospital after spending the entire day in the hands of ‘customer advisors’ and ‘call centres’ of various kinds with BT and Talk Talk, OfCOM and the frequent foray around the globe to Hindustani speakers in India, a continent or so distant from here.

If this sounds mad, that’s because it is. More later.


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